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People are listed by last names, and people who have used more than one last name are listed seperately under each last name used.


Aikey, Priscilla
Amundsdatter, Anne
Amundson, Alfred
Amundson, Alton
Amundson, Anne
Amundson, Hannah
Amundson, Jeanette
Amundson, Mina
Amundson, Oscar
Amundson, Simon
Andersdotter, Gunhild
Anderson, Alice Minerva
Anderson, Anne
Anderson, Nels Theodore
Anderson, Selma
Armstrong, Mary Ellen


Berry, Leslie Gayle
Beyer, Bonita
Beyer, Eileen
Bloss, Mary Eva
Bolling, Gertrude Rena
Briquelet, Lisa
Brown, Alicia
Brown, Catherine Beatrice
Brown, Charles
Brown, Christine
Brown, Daniel
Brown, David
Brown, Christine
Brown, Henrietta Haberer
Brown, Kathryn
Brown, Peter
Brown, Phillip
Brown, Rebecca Jamie
Brown, Robert Louis
Brown, Robert Richard
Brown, Roberta Kathleen
Brown, Sylvia
Brown, Virginia Marie
Brumm, George Edward
Brumm, Geraldine
Brumm, Gina
Brumm, Mary Ellen
Burns, Anna
Burns, Catherine
Burns, Christine Honora
Burns, Michael


Christensen, Doris
Cockrill, Eliza Jane
Cockrill, Howard Gregg
Cosby, Amy Christine
Cosby, Edwin Norman
Cosby, Matthew Travers
Cosby, Paul
Cosby, Sarah Catherine
Craig, Beverly Ruth
Craig, Cara Ellen
Craig, Colleen Elana
Craig-Sycks, Colleen Elana
Craig, Cynthia Marie
Craig, Kathryn
Craig, Robert
Craig, Robert Joel
Craig, Robert James, Jr.
Craig, Robert James, Sr.
Craig, Timothy Joseph
Craig, Virginia Marie
Curnick, Arthur Rich
Curnick, Ruth Deward
Curnick, Theophilus Robert


Downey, Lucy Margaret


Einertson, Berulf
Einertson, Torbj�rn
Elias, Dell Marie
Elias, Julie Marie
Elias, Kristen Dell
Elias, Robert Charles
Ericsen, Rebecca


Faldet, Hannah
Ford, Keva Nicole
Fortune, Alissa Lee
Fortune, Dane Harrison
Fortune, Helen
Fortune, James Brett
Fortune, Jesse
Fortune, Leslie
Fortune, Mary Bell
Fortune, Mary Dell
Fortune, Matthew Jay
Fortune, Mattie Louise
Fortune, Natalie Brooke
Fortune, Phyllis
Fortune, Richard Henry
Fortune, Robert Jay
Fortune, Robert Henry, Jr.
Fortune, Robert Henry, Sr.
Fortune, Savannah Lynn
Fortune, Shawn Christopher
Fortune, Winston


Gast, Alberta
Gerber, Alan Richard
Gerber, Beverly Ruth
Gerber, Earl
Gerber, Emma Peffer
Gerber, Gary
Gerber, Jessica
Gerber, John Edward
Gerber, Lynn
Gerber, Phillip
Gerber, Richard Dean
Gerber, Ruth Deward
Giordano, Janice
Glenn, Mabel
Glenn, Mary Ellen
Golshani, Alexandra Shirin
Golshani, Amir Hossein
Golshani, Jaime Beth
Golshani, Joseph Vossough
Golshani, Parviz Vossough
Golshani, Sara Faye
Gratias, Carmen Anita
Gratias, Mary Ellen
Gratias, Virgil
Greenfield, Beverly Ruth
Greenfield, Karen Eileen
Greenfield, Neal Christopher
Greenfield, Patrick Warren
Greenfield, Raymond August
Greenfield, Raymond Augustus
Greenfield, Timothy Allen
Greenfield, William J.
Gutho, Angela Joy
Gutho, Hannah
Gutho, Lisa Nicole


Haberer, Daniel
Haberer, Henrietta Agnes
Haberer, Mary Bloss
Hadsell, Amy Swan
Hadsell, Charles Kirk
Hallvardson, Torbjorn
Hallvardson, Torbjorn
Halvorson, Torbjorn
Hand, David
Hand, Luella
Hannon, Mayme
Hart, Charlotte
Hemming, Kathryn
Higgins, Catherine Esther
Hofmann, Phyllis Ann
Howard, Jack
Howard, Jean


Iannello, Janice Marie
Iannello, Judith Marie
Iannello, Paul Augustin
Iannello, Richard Joseph
Iannello, Roberta
Isaacson, Anne


Jason, Brandon Cole
Jorgenson, Torbjorn


King, Christine Marie
King, Cynthia Marie
King, Lara Elizabeth
King, Michael Craig
King, Robert Hyatt Jr.
King, Robert Hyatt Sr.
Kitzke, Shirley Wogsland
Kitzke, Keith
Kitzke, Brittany


Larsson, Olav
Larsson, Nottolf
Laycak, Joyce Roberta
Leary, Anna Burns
Leick, Alberta
Leick, Beverly
Leick, Diane
Leick, Duane
Leick, Robert
Leick, Wallace
Long, Charlotte
Long, Florence Omega


MacCollum, Alicia
Mahzari, Saeed
Mahzari, Shoreh
Marshall, Amy Christine
Marshall, Catherine Schlag
Marshall, Frank Bush Jr.
Marshall, Frank Bush Sr.
Marshall, Maria Elizabeth
Marshall, Ruth Thompson
Marshall, Sally Elizabeth
McAdam, Brenna Lee
McGlynn, Florence
McKnew, Lara Elizabeth
McKnew, Morgan Page
McKnew, Nathan James
McNamee, Geraldine
Moore, Basil Etherton, Jr.
Moore, Ruth Marshall
Mullane, Agnes


Nehser, Beverly
Neilander, Helen Anne
Nelson, Ruth
Neubauer, Bonita
Neubauer, Eileen
Neubauer, Selma
Nicholas, Brenton Neal
Nicholas, Kenneth Allen
Nicholas, Nancy Carol Wogsland
Nottolfson, Lars
Nottolfson, Olav


Owens, Mildred
Olson, Lars


Peffer, Emma Virginia
Peterson, Ely Esther
Phalen, Kathryn France
Phalen, Margaret
Phalen, Perry
Pick, Mildred



Randall, Carmen
Randall, Jewelie Ellen
Revis, Evelyn
Revis, Florence Omega
Revis, Idella "Dellar"
Revis, James Henry
Revis, Mattie Louise
Revis, Maude Marie
Revis, Mayme Victoria
Revis, Mildred Ruby
Revis, Oliver Duffield
Revis, Otis Odell
Rockey, Heather Lynn
Rowe, Mayme
Ruehl, Louise


Schlag, Adolph Herman
Schlag, Catherine Marie
Seubert, Andrew James
Shaneyfelt, Diane
Simonson, Amund
Siplon, Emma Wogsland
Soberg, Mildred
Solum, Oletta Christina
Spicer, Catherine Beatrice
Spicer, James Matthew
Spicer, Stephen Robert
Strickland, Jean
Styza, Inez
Suess, John Francis, Jr.
Suess, Maude Marie
Swan, Amy Christine
Sweetwater, Athena Lily
Sweetwater, Kaliska Magnolia
Sycks, Zachary Alton
Sykes, Emma Peffer


Thompson, Albert Travers
Thompson, James Travers
Thompson, Ruth Gertrude
Torbjornsdotter, Aslaug
Torbjornsdotter, Kari
Torbjornson, Anund
Torbj�rnson, Einert
Torbjornson, Hallvard
Torbjornson, Hallvard Graatop
Travers, Brenna McAdam
Travers, Hannah Ruth
Travers, Matthew
Tsiopanos, Brenna McAdam
Tsiopanos, Evelyn McAdam
Tsiopanos, Sotirios Dimitrios



Vaagsland, Ole Olson, Jr.
Vaagsland, Ole Olson, Sr.
Volstead, Andrew John
Vossough, Hossein
Vossough, Khosrow
Vossough, Nasser
Vossough, Parviz
Vossough, Sharyar
Vossough, Shoreh
Voxland, Melvin
Vraalstad, Olav Berulfson
Vraalstad, Ole Olsen, Sr.


Wheeler, Charlotte
Wheeler, Dorothy Evelyn
Wheeler, Idella Candelis
Wilkie, Henrietta Haberer
Wilkins, Emma Peffer
Willadsen, Barbera Carol
Winland, Mildred
Wogsland, Alberta Marie
Wogsland, Alice Minerva
Wogsland, Alora August
Wogsland, Anne Amundson
Wogsland, Arnold
Wogsland, Arvin
Wogsland, Barbera
Wogsland, Bradley James
Wogsland, Brittan Valhalla
Wogsland, Cara Ellen
Wogsland, Carl Oscar
Wogsland, Clifford Gordon
Wogsland, Dell Marie
Wogsland, Doris Marjorie
Wogsland, Emma
Wogsland, Florence Zingg
Wogsland, Florence Dorothy
Wogsland, Gina
Wogsland, Grace Lucille
Wogsland, Gunhild
Wogsland, Gustavus Andreas
Wogsland, Guy H.
Wogsland, Hannah Beth
Wogsland, Inez
Wogsland, Jaime Beth
Wogsland, James Obert
Wogsland, Luella Evelyn
Wogsland, Lyle Roger
Wogsland, Mabel
Wogsland, Mary Dell
Wogsland, Mary Oletta
Wogsland, Maxwell Andric Xavier
Wogsland, Myron S.
Wogsland, Nancy Carol
Wogsland, Neal Carlyle
Wogsland, Obert Almer
Wogsland, Ole Martin
Wogsland, Ole Olson, Jr.
Wogsland, Ole Olson, Sr.
Wogsland, Oletta Solum
Wogsland, Oscar
Wogsland, Patrick Andrew
Wogsland, Priscilla Aikey
Wogsland, Ruth Elinor
Wogsland, Raymond Allan
Wogsland, Richard Andrew
Wogsland, Sally Marshall
Wogsland, Shirley
Wogsland, Sylvia Ann
Wogsland, Vernon Edward
Wogsland, Walter
Wogsland, Walter Emil
Wogsland, Wayne Omer
Wogsland, Zara Anjali
Wolfe, Judith
Wrolstad, Alfred M.
Wrolstad, Martin Olsen
Wrolstad, Marwin Otis
Wrolstad, Oscar Alfred
Wrolstad, Ole Olsen, Sr.



Young, Margaret


Zingg, Florence Olive


Our County Our Story by Macolm Rosholt - a book on the history of Portage County, Wisconsin with lots of information about Ole Wogsland and other early settlers. Digitized by the UW Stevens Point Library.
Ole O. Wogsland Family Bible


Amundson, Tim and Brad Wogsland
Randall, Jewelie and Brad Wogsland
Siplon, Emma and Neal Wogsland
Styza, Inez and Neal Wogsland
Tsiopanos, Brenna and Bradley Wogsland
Voxland, Melvin and Neal Wogsland
Wogsland, Arnold and Bradley Wogsland
Wogsland, Arnold and Neal Wogsland
Wogsland, Bradley and Tim Amundson
Wogsland, Bradley and Jewelie Randall
Wogsland, Bradley and Brenna Tsiopanos
Wogsland, Bradley and Arnold Wogsland
Wogsland, Bradley and Marwin Wrolstad
Wogsland, Neal and Emma Siplon
Wogsland, Neal and Inez Styza
Wogsland, Neal and Melvin Voxland
Wogsland, Neal and Priscilla Wogsland
Wogsland, Neal and Arnold Wogsland
Wogsland, Priscilla and Neal Wogsland
Wrolstad, Marwin and Bradley Wogsland

Wogsland, Neal and Sister Mary Wogsland Coming soon!
Wogsland, Neal and Mable Wogsland Coming soon!
Wogsland, Neal and Ray Wogsland Coming soon!
Wogsland, Neal and Barabara Taylor Coming soon!
Wogsland, Neal and Lorraine Peterson Coming soon!
Wogsland, Neal and Rev. John Wogsland Coming soon!

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