Brittan Valhalla Wogsland

1997 - ?

Brittan Valhalla Wogsland and her twin sister Alora were born to Bradley and Cara Wogsland during the Fall of 1997 in Greenwood, South Carolina. Brittan's middle name is from Norse mythology: Valhalla is the hall where those slain in battle are taken by the Valkryes. Brittan lived in South Carolina but a year before moving to Georgia. The first home she remembers is an apartment on Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta, GA.
Brittan and Alora on their first camping trip in May of '98

The young student.
Brittan next lived in Alpharetta, GA, in an apartment in the basement of her grandparent's house. It was there that she attended Pre-K at Kids R Kids and Kindergarten at State Bridge Crosing Elementary School. Brittan enjoyed school and playing outside. She quickly fell in love with her younger brother, Maxwell, who was born in 2003. In August of 2004 Brittan relocated to Knoxville, TN with her family. That fall she started the first grade at Cedar Bluff Primary School, transfering mid-year to Karns Elementary School when they moved into a house across town. After finishing the second grade there as well, Brittan moved with her family to Sunnyvale, CA where she attended Cherry Chase Elementary - the same school her Uncle Bob had attended almost half a century earlier.


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