<html> <head> <title> Einert Torbjrnson </title> </head> <body text="blue" link="red" vlink="blue"> <center> <h1>Einert Torbjrnson</h1> 1724 - 1789<br> </center> <p> Einert, the eldest son of Torbjrn and Helge, was born in 1724. He married Anne Berulfsdatter Heldal in 1748. She was several years his elder and died in 1775. In 1777 there was a large flood which damaged much of the Vraalstad gaard, and Einert dealt with it using his usual industriousness. He died in 1789. <p> <h3>Parents:</h3> <a href="torbjorn_halvorson.html">Torbjrn Halvorson</a> 1682 - 1753<br> Helge Einarsdatter 1706 - 1766<br> <h3>Offspring:</h3> <a href="torbjorn_einertson.html">Torbjrn Einertson</a> 1749 - 1828<br> <a href="berulf_einertson.html">Berulf Einertson</a> 1752 - 1827<br> Olav Einertson 17?? - ????<br> Nils Einertson 1760 - 1833<br> <h3>References:</h3> 1. Naeseth, Gerhard B. <i>Wrolstad Family History</i>, 1978.<br> <!-- ------------------------------------------------------------- --> <hr> <H5>Last Modified: 13 August 2006 by <a href="mailto: bradley@wogsland.org"> Bradley James Wogsland</a>.</H5> </body> </html>