The Correspondence of
Bradley Wogsland and Arnold Wogsland

2006 -

This is a series of emails begun by Arnold Wogsland after discovering in July 2006.

Monday, July 3, 2006 12:06 pm

Hi Bradley

My name is arnold wogsland. I live in Rocklin, Cal. near Sacramento. Your grandfather Neil and my father, Oscar, were first cousins. I met your Grandfather several times when he was visiting your Aunt Dell. I worked with her when she was working for the Defense Department. Neil gave me quite a lot of information on the Wogsland clan. I did nothing with the information until I came across on the internet. In a limited amount of research I found the attached documents that I thought you might be interested in, including a copy of the death notice of Ole Olson Wogsland Jr. I am going back to Wisconson this summer and hope to find out more information on the Wogsland family. I look forward to hearing from you.

Arnie Wogsland

Attached to the the email were an obituary of Ole Wogsland and information on the Alert, the ship which brought the Wogslands to America.

Saturday, July 8, 2006 11:23 pm

Hi Arnie,

I have read about you in grandpa's (Neal's) files and I had actually hoped to meet you since I just moved to Sunnyvale, CA. I literally got here with the truck today though, so you beat me to the punch! Alas, working on my PhD hasn't left much time for genealogy, so most of is from about two years ago save the correspondence I've transcribed recently. I'm really excited that you've found the ship that Ole, his wife, and their six children came over on. I haven't done much original research myself, because grandpa already had so much for me to put into the more modern format (as well as my wife's grandmother's work). I'll probably need the rest of the weekends this month to settle in out here, but perhaps you are free some weekend in August or September when we can meet. It's always intersting to meet family.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006 2:19 pm

Hi Arnie,

Now that I'm a bit more settled in here in CA, I have some questions:

1) The obituary of Ole was from what newspaper?

2) I'd like to know more about your branch of the family. As you can see from my website I try to bring genealogy alive through pictures and anicdotes rather than just a list of begats. Most of my information thus far on your branch comes from your sister Mary and aunt Inez's correspondences with my grandfather. However, I have also befriended a great-granddaughter of your aunt Mabel named Jewelie Randall who has given me info on her line. If you've got time, I'd love to add faces and stories to the names of your close relatives as well.

Thanx, Brad

Oct 9, 2006 4:34 PM

Hi Brad and Jewelie,

Jewlie, I recently read your correspondence with Bradley Wogsland in I am Arnold, (arnie) Wogsland. My father was Oscar Wogsland ,brother of your Great Grandmother Mabel.

I think the following information will answer many of the questions you have about the family. One of my cousins daughter, Katherine-Sparks,, has done research on her family for over twenty years. This research can be found in, The Sparks-Retherford lines of WI,OH,PA,NY,MN & Ct. There is quite a bit of information about Oletta Solum Wogsland and her family. She was my Grandmother. She was born in Norway in 1875 and came to this country about 1889. She married levi Iverson on July 3, 1891. Levi was killed in a logging accident in Hazelhurst Wisconsin on Jan 04, 1892. Their daughter Lilly was born May 23, 1892. She married my Grandfather Ole Martin Wogsland the following year and had nine more children.

At the present time I�m doing research on my Grandmother, Oletta�s, descendants. I know her father, Ole Solum, came to this country about1889, exact date unknown, and is buried in Wisconsin. Her mother, Annie, did not come until 1905 with youngest son Ragnvald who was born in 1888. Anna and Ragnvald then went to Oregon, date unknown. Anna is buried in Silverton, Marion County, Oregon. Ragnvald was married about 1910 to Gusta Talsater I�m not sure if they had any children. He died in 1981 and his residence was Mount Angel, Marion County, Oregon,. Jewelie, perhaps you could check around to see if some of the Solum�s that live in Oregon are related to us.

My wife, Barbara, and I are leaving for Wisconsin on Oct. 11 returning on Oct 20. I hope to visit with cousin Mary Styza , daughter of Inez, and her Granddaughter Sue Heule. Sue has a son, Jake Heule, who lives in San Francisco. He is also interested in doing research on the Wogsland family. I will try and get his email address. I also hope to visit with some of my Aunt Lilly�s family who I have not seen in over 50 years as well as my brother and sisters.

Brad, perhaps we can get together when I get back. My son lives in Pleasanton and we can stay over with him..

Jewelie, I�ve always wanted to visit Oregon. Perhaps next year we may take a trip up your way. We look foreword to meeting you. We live in Rocklin California, near Sacramento.

I look foreword to hearing from both of you.


Arnie had some trouble contacting Jewelie Randall, but eventually he succeeded.

Oct 25, 2006 2:02 PM

Hi Arnie,

I am sorry I have been somewhat bad about replying lately as I haven't had much time for genealogy. I also feel bad having twice driven through Rocklin going and returning from my Aunt Dell's without trying to contact you. We are going up there again for Thanksgiving break, and if yall'll be around we'd love to stop by. Maybe I can actually get some genealogical work done before then . . .


Oct 26, 2006 9:08 AM

We are going to be home for Thanksgiving and would like to see you and your family. We are not going anywhere so any time that's convenient for you. Just give us a call.

Nov 16, 2006 5:36 PM

We have a slight change of plans. We will be gone Wed22 Nov thru Fri 24 Nov. We will be home before and after thoes dates. If it is convenient for you to stop we would really appreciate it.

Lood forwrd to seeing you/


Nov 18, 2006 12:44 AM

Okay, we'll come up Tues then, probably getting there between 5 and 6 since the girls don't get out of school until 2:45. Y'all are at

3836 Coldwater Dr
Rocklin, CA

right? Maybe we can go out to dinner somewhere as well.


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