Ole Olsen Wrolstad

1810 - 1886

Ole Olsen Vraalstad was born March 6, 1810. He worked for some time in Tørdal. In 1834 he married Aasild Jonsdatter Sneeaas on the 13th of April. Together they would have 6 children to survive to adulthood. Around 1840 he moved off the Norwegian mainland to the island of Jomfruland near Kragero. He tried his hand in the shipbuilding business but failed and in 1843 packed his family aboard the Aeolus bound for America. They arrived in New York on the 28th of August and headed west for Wisconsin like many other immigrants of that day. Ole also changed the family surname to Wrolstad. They lived in several settlements before settling on New Hope, where Ole's distant cousin Ole Olson Wogsland had also settled. Ole was among the town's leaders and helped build the Lutheran church there. When he died on June 27, 1884 Ole was buried in the cemetary of that church.


Olav Berulfson Vraalstad 1752 - 1827
Marte Jørgensdatter Lone 1787 - 1867


Ole Olsen Vraalstad 1836 - 1911
John Olsen Vraalstad 1839 - 1907
Jørgen Olsen Vraalstad 1842 - 1899
Halvor Olsen Wrolstad 1847 - 1935
Hans Olsen Wrolstad 1849 - 1880
Martin Olsen Wrolstad 1852 - 1853
Martin Olsen Wrolstad 1856 - 1919


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