<html> <head> <title> Ely Ester Peterson </title> </head> <body bgcolor="lightblue"> <center> <h1>Ely Ester Peterson</h1> 1898 - 1992<br> </center> <p> Ely Esther Peterson was born in 1898 in Naskov, Maribo, Denmark and immigrated to the United States in 1900. She went by the name Esther. Esther married <a href="alfred_amundson.html">Alfred Amundson</a> in June of 1920. Together they had two children. She died in July of 1992. <p> <h3>Parents:</h3> ?<br> <h3>Offspring:</h3> <a href="alton_amundson.html">Alton Amundson</a> 1925 - ?<br> <a href="jeanette_amundson.html">Jeanette Amundson</a> 1934 - ?<br> <h3>References:</h3> 1. Tim Amundson<br> <!-- ------------------------------------------------------------- --> <hr> <H5>Last Modified: 2 October 2006 by <a href="mailto: bradley@wogsland.org"> Bradley James Wogsland</a>.</H5> </body> </html>