Ole Olson Wogsland, Sr

1800 - 1866

Born as Ole or Olav Olson in Tordal, Norway in October of 1800. He was confirmed in the local church in 1815. He wed Maria Vraalstad February 16, 1823 and together they had 6 children who survived infancy. He bought the Nordistua portion of Vaagsland Gaard (farm) from his brother Nottolf in 1832. Later he sold the Gaard to Elling Nilson Naas when the family decided to move to America. The whole family immigrated from Vaagsland Gaard near Tordal, Norway in 1850 to America, where they found a home in Wisconsin. Most family members of this migration took on the surname Wogsland*. The family first settled in a community on the Rock River near Ashippun, Dodge County, Wisconsin, but they moved to the New Hope/Iola area in 1854. Ole died in New Hope Town, WI on April 20 1866.


Kari Olsdatter Aase 1761 - 1843
Olav Nottolfson 1757 - ?


Ole Olson Vaagsland 1824 - 1826
Ole Olson Vaagsland 1826 - 1879
Stener Olson Vaagsland 1828 - 1909
Aaste Karene Olesdotter Vaagsland 1830 - 1912
Halvor Olson Vaagsland 1833 - 1833
Halvor Olson Vaagsland 1834 - 1911
Anne Olesdatter Vaagsland 1836 - ?
Erik Olson Vaagsland 1838 - 1839
Erik Olson Vaagsland 1844 - c. 1890


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Nota Bene: Other groups of immigrants spelt it Voxland, Woxland, etc., however in Norway it continues to be spelt Vågsland (å taking the place of aa in modern Norwegian spelling).

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