Oliver Duffield Revis

1907 - 200?

Oliver Duffield Revis, who was known as Olie, was born April 18th, 1907 to James and Dellar Revis. He married a woman named Elizabeth, and together they had two children. They divorced, however, and Oliver married Frances Cecelia Garrison. Together they built a house in Townsend, MD, in which they lived their entire lives. Olie fought in World War II in Europe. Olie died, but Frances still lives in the house he built.
Olie with his elder sister Mattie in the 1970's.


Idella Candelis Wheeler 1879 - 1957
James Henry Revis 1878 - 1953


Dawn Revis ???? - ?
a son ???? - ???? (smoked, died of lung cancer)


1. Bradley James Wogsland
2. Mary Dell Wogsland
3. Neal Wogsland

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