Lars Nottolfson

1705 - 1777

Lars, son of Nottolf, was born in 1705 on Vaagsland gaard, Norway. He bought Vaagsland gaard back from Klaus Bugge with brother Olav and then split it with him. After a short time, he took over Olav's part as well. Then he bartered Olav's part to a Jorgen Jorgenson Boe, who later moved back to the Ettestad Gaard. Also, he recieved a piece of the Snoas Gaard and a part of Vaagsland that had been traded. Lars married Aslaug Simonsdatter Bergane. Together they had seven children. Lars split up Vaagsland for his sons in 1759; to Nottolf, Nordistua gaard, and to Olav, Oppistua gaard. Lars died in 1777.


Nottolf Olson 1646 - 1722


Nottolf Larsson 1722 - 1807
Olav Larsson 1726 - 1800
Vellek Larsson ???? - ????
Halvor Larsson ???? - ????
Solveig Larsdatter (Larsson)
Ingeborg Larsdatter ???? - ????
Helge Larsdatter ???? - ????


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