The Correspondence of
Neal Wogsland and Emma Siplon

1980 - 1985

Neal kept rather volumous records of things, but some records he kept better than others. Most of these letters are from a file marked "INEZ STYZA and EMMA SIPLON" (they were sisters). Unfortunately, it appears that Neal neglected to make copies of the letters he sent her. The letters were transcribed/scanned in September 2005 by Bradley Wogsland.

130 East Cook Apt. 501
Libertyville, Illinois
Dear Cousin Neal

I was so sorry to hear about your father's death. I am just recovering from a long illness myself, so have sadly neglected writing any letters. You can be sure I would have written if I had been well. Ever since last June I have been suffering more or less daily from Medicine Poisoning. Since I am a heart patient I quite naturally have had medication only from a heart specialist. However I was also taking medication for Arthritis. This medicine has been discontinued since I first became ill. I am getting much better and I am hoping I will not suffer from this disease, or what ever it is, for a year like my doctor said some people do. This disease is very puzzling to me, since I never heard of it before I went to the hospital. However my daughter and her husband, Drs. Warren and Rosemary Wells both have known about it, as they both teach at Nothwestern University in the Medical Department. I feel very stupid as I also have a B.S. degree in Education from Wartburg College in Waverly Iowa. I also was a teacher for over twenty years until I retired.

The information you request about my family is
My husband Joseph Jason Siplon (deceased)
My son Joseph Byron Siplon (deceased)
My daughter Dr. Lorraine Rosemary Siplon Wells lives in Winnetka, Illinois with her husband Dr. Warren Wells.
They have three children as follows
(1) Wendy Wells Mineau - her husband is Thomas Mineau - Address of both is Highland Park, Illinois (no children)
(2) Jeffrey Joe Wells - His wife's name is Susan (No children) Milwaukee Wisconsin
(3) Jerrold Patrick Wells - His wife's name is Linda (no children) Jacksonville, Arkansas

My son Joseph Byron Siplon (deceased). His wife is Christina Siplon. Lives at West Bend, Wisconsin. Christina is a teacher. They have one son - Joseph Byron Siplon Lives at West Bend, Wisconsin

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Cousin Emma Wogsland Siplon

May 17, 1985
130 East Cook Apt. 501
Libertyville, Illinois
Dear Cousin Neal and family

I just reread your letter of 1980 I was very interested in reading your letter. We, who are still living are now five years older. I was 81 years old February 24th. My family has grown very little. My only daughter Lorraine Rosemary Siplon Wells (PhD.) and husband Warren Wells (PhD) have three children -

1. Wendy Wells Mineau (husband Tom) B.A.) have one child Melissa Christina Mineau who will be two years old May 19
2. Jeffrey Joe Wells (wife - Sue - No children Both have BA degrees and live in Wauwautosa, Wisconsin
3. Jerrold Wells (wife Linda) - one son Jeremy Scott Wells born Oct. 10, 1983
135 Nebraska Circle (AFB) Jacksonville, Arkansas

Lorraine Rosemary and Warren live at 1219 Scott Winnetka, Illinois. They both teach at North Western University.

My son Joseph's (deceased) wife Christina Tuil Siplon lives at 1701 Stonebridge West Bend, Wisconsin. She has a (AM) degree and is a special reading teacher. She comes to see me very often and is considered one of our family. Early this year I appointed by President Ronald Reagan to his 1985 Task Force. I was awarded his specially commissioned Medal of Merit - (2)- Medal of Merit Lapel Pin - (3) A unique 3X5 foot American Flag which has been dedicated at an official ceremony in our Nation's Capital building. (4) Membership card (5) "My name will be inscribed on President Reagan's Honor Roll and be kept forever with his permanent Presidential Papers". (5) I will receive "The New Force", a news story of White House happenings.

I sincerely hope to hear from you or some relative. Good Health and Good Luck!

Emma Wogsland Siplon

The following note was written in a 1986 Christmas card which also included the funeral program below.

Dear Friends,

My mother, Emma Siplon, died in May. I tried to contact all I could at that time but did not have your address.

Thank you for being her friend.

Rosemary Siplon Wells

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