Lynn Gerber

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Lynn Gerber was the son of John and Eva Gerber. When WWII started he joined the Army and was sent into the infantry. He was involved in the invasion and capture of Sicily and the amphibious landing at Salerno. It was there that he was shot and left for dead. His commanding officer wrote at letter of condolensces to his family and told them where they could find his grave. Back in the States the family held a memorial service, but his wife refused to attend. She believed he was still alive. Time would vindicate her convictions. Lynn was captured by Germans who said "for you Yank de var is over" and sent him to a hospital. When his wounds healed he was moved to a POW camp in the eastern part of Germany. Eventually the Russians came and stopped briefly to open the gates of the camp as they chased the Germans across their country. Lynn made his way to northern France, where he ran into his brother Earl before getting on a boat which took him home. Despite being left for dead fifty years ago, he lives to this day.


John Edward Gerber ???? - 19??
Eva Gerber ???? - 19??




1. Richard Gerber

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