Matthew Travers

1976 - ?

Matthew Travers Cosby was born to Ned and Amy Cosby on the 4th of January in 1976. He was a rather precocious child and had a younger sister named Katie. His father was in the Coast Guard and the ministry, so as a child Matthew moved around alot.
The happy youngster.
Matthew on vacation in 2000.
Matthew was a teenager when his parents divorced - an event that devestated him. He lived with his mother for a time, then his father - who threw him out after an arguement where swords were quite literally drawn. He lived with his Nana (Ruth) for sometime after that, attending the local community college. In 1995 he joined the Army and married Brenna McAdam in Severna Park, MD. At this point he followed his mother's example and dropped Cosby, but chose not to replace it. Together they moved to California where Matthew learned Korean. Later that year Hannah was born. Matthew was a great father and it seemed that everything had worked out perfectly as the three moved to South Korea, where Matthew was stationed. After 3 years there, the little family returned to Maryland as Matthew's term of service ended. Unfortunately, Matthew and Brenna split up in 1999. Hannah went with her mother and Matthew moved to Atlanta to live with his childhood friend, Christian. While there he attended Georgia State University for a time as a philosophy major.


Amy Christine Swan 1953 - ?
Edwin Norman Cosby 19?? - ?


Hannah Ruth Travers 1995 - ?


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