Emma Peffer Gerber

1921 - ?

Baby Emma held by her father
Emma Virginia Peffer was born on December 10th, 1921 in Kentenia, KY. She was the youngest of six children and endured a difficult youth. She was raised a Mormon and moved around quite a bit. She sold candy to pay for violin lessons. Emma attended Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College in Richmond, KY leaving after 3 years to work in Washington, D.C.
Emma married Charles Wesley Sykes on July 28th, 1942 in Washington, D.C. Together they had a son, John. They divorced in the fifties and then Emma married Aubrey Wilkins March 4th, 1960. Emma went back to college after turning 60 at Montgomery College in Maryland, switching her major to art and taking advantage of the free tuition offered. Unfortunately, Aubrey died in November of 1981.
Sweet sixteen

Emma at the start of the new year, 2005
Then Emma found widower Richard Gerber and they married on March 10th of 1982. They lived in Annendale, VA where Richard worked. Emma graduated with her BA in Art in 1983. They built a weekend home on Lake Anna which eventually became their permanent abode. Richard built Emma a log cabin for an art studio, and she created a business which has gone through several metamorpheses and is today FlowerArt.com.


Andrew Corance Peffer 1882 - 1945
Margaret Finney 1882 - 1970


John Wesley Sykes 1944 - ?


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