Jewelie Ellen Randall

1969 - ?

Jewelie with her distant cousin Brad Wogsland in 2006
Jewelie Ellen Randall was born February 27, 1969. She met Andrew Seubert in 1988/9. Together they had two girls, Kaliska and Athena, for whom they made up the last name Sweetwater. Jewelie and Andrew were married in June of 1999 with their girls serving as flower girls. She started io herbal alchemy, named for one of Jupiter's moons. In the summer of 2005 she discovered and began contributing to the site.


Carmen Anita Gratias 1946 - 1981
Benny Gilbert Lewis Andrew Alvin Randall 1940 - ?


Kaliska Magnolia Sweetwater 1992 - ?
Athena Lily Sweetwater 1996 - ?


1. Jewelie Randall/Bradley Wogsland Correspondence

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