James Brett Fortune

1960 - ?

Young Brett
Brett Fortune was born in Baltimore, MD on March 17th, 1960. He had an older brother, Jay. Brett grew up Bel Air, MD, living next door to his aunt and uncle and three cousins.
He married Helen Anne Neilander on June 23, 1984. He graduated from Stetson University with a BBA in 1982. They made a home in Alparetta, GA and there had four children. Brett worked as a project manager for the Calibre Company for 8 years before starting his own contracting firm, Fortune-Johnson, Inc.
Leslie (his sister-in-law), Phyllis, Helen, and Brett in 1997.


Phyllis Ann Hofmann 1924 - ?
Robert Henry Fortune 1924 - 1994


Alissa Lee Fortune 1991 - ?
Natalie Brooke Fortune 1993 - ?
Dane Harrison Fortune 1997 - ?
Shawn Christopher Fortune 2000 - ?


1. Bradley James Wogsland
2. Helen Fortune

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