Frank Bush Marshall, Sr.

1897 - 1962

A striking youth, as the writing says "Devoted Frank".
Frank Bush Marshall was born on the third of July, 1897 in Hagarstown, MD. He was raised by his aunt. He married Catherine Marie Schlag on October 22nd, 1922 in Baltimore and there they had two children. Frank, Jr. was born in 1925, and Maria later on.
His grandchildren called him "Grosspop", groß being the German word for great. He died January 13th, 1962 in Baltimore.
Frank with granddaughter Sally in 1955.


John Henry Marshall 1851 - 1910
Margaret Anne Williar 1859 - 1924


Frank Bush Marshall 1925 - 1992
Maria Elizabeth Marshall 19?? - 2014


1. Bradley James Wogsland
2. Sally Marshall Wogsland

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