Brenna McAdam Tsiopanos

1978 - ?

Steve and Brenna in 2004.
Brenna Lee McAdam was born January 12th, 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio to Karen and Ralph McAdam. She had a brother and later lived in Maryland. In 1995 she married Matthew Cosby in Severna Park, MD. Matthew decided to drop the Cosby and take Travers as his last name, so she became Brenna Travers. Together they moved to Monterey,California where Matthew, now in the Army, learned Korean. In November of that year Brenna gave birth to her daughter Hannah. They lived in Monterey fo a year and a half and then the three moved Texas for six months before finally moving to South Korea, where Matthew was stationed for two years. Thereafter the little family returned to Maryland as Matthew's term of service ended. Unfortunately, Matthew and Brenna split up in 1999. Matthew moved away and Brenna was left alone to support Hannah. This was a hard time for Brenna, but she was put being a mother first while working and putting herself through school. Eventually, Brenna met Steve Tsiopanos and they fell in love. Brenna and Steve wed in 2004 and together they had a daughter, Evelyn, in the summer of 2006.


Ralph McAdam 19?? - ?
Karen 19?? - ?


Hannah Ruth Travers 1995 - ?
Evelyn McAdam Tsiopanos 2006 - ?


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