Raymond Allan Wogsland

1904 - 1999

Raymond Allan Wogsland was born 13 November 1904 to Florence and Andrew Wogsland. He married LouElla Richter, who had three children from a previous marriage. They made a home together in Seattle, WA. In his later years, Raymond did a good deal of genealogical work on his part of the family. Ray died January 5th, 1999 in King County, WA.
The Wogsland Children in Walum, ND
Florence, Cliff, Ray, Alberta, Luella
Vernon, Ruth


Florence Olive Zingg 1874 - 1966
Gustavus Andreas Wogsland 1863 - 1924




1. Raymond Allan Wogsland
2. Neal Wogsland
3. Becky Cox

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