Hannah Ruth Travers

1995 - ?

Hannah Ruth Travers, who takes her middle name from her great-grandmother, was born November 2nd, 1995 in Salinas, CA to Matthew and Brenna Travers. Her father was in the army, so the family moved around alot when she was a baby and toddler. She lived in Monterey for 1.5 years, Texas for 6 months and South Korea for 2 years. When her dad left the army after his three year stint, they moved to Maryland, where her parents had grown up. Unfortunately, Hannah's parents divorced in 1999. Hannah went with her mother and her dad moved to Atlanta. In 2004 Hannah's mom got remarried and Hannah got a new father figure in Steve Tsiopanos. Soon Hannah also gained a little sister, Evie, as well.
Hannah with her grandmother in 2002.


Brenna Lee McAdam 1978 - ?
Matthew Travers 1976 - ?




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