Daniel Haberer

18?? - ????

Daniel Haberer was a German immigrant to the United States from Elsaß (NB). He came to Utica, New York. He had two brothers who also immigrated to New York. He met and wed Mary Bloss and had ten children together. They owned a large farm and cider mill in North Syracuse, NY.




Anna Haberer 1868 - ?
Clara Haberer 1870 - ?
Elizabeth Haberer 1872 - ?
Daniel Haberer 1875 - ?
Frank Haberer 1878 - ?
Florence Haberer 1880 - ?
Henrietta Agnes Haberer 1884 -1967
Mary Haberer 1886 - ?
Laura Haberer 1889 - ?
Dorothy Haberer 1891 - ?


1. Virginia Craig
2. Bradley Wogsland

Nota Bene: Elsaß is a mixed-language province on the border of France and Germany. When Daniel Haberer came to America, it was a part of France and called by it's French name, Alsace. At the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 it was annexed to the German Reich. At the end of World War I the French took it back. Hitler briefly made it a part of Germany again during World War II. Today Alsace, or Elsaß as it's German inhabitants still call it, is home to Strasbourg, a capital city of the the European Union.

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