Melvin Voxland

1902 - ?

"What motivates one to be interested in a family tree and genealogy? I once heard a genealogist say that his personal interest was motivated by his interest in history and by the fact that he wanted to be remembered. Having once majored in history and now interested in genealogy I feel I can support both of these premises. I feel that families that have a strong and close relationship are supportive of each other. Interests in one's family and forebears enriches life and living. We have a rich heritage that has been blessed in many ways." -- Melvin Voxland in the introduction to Voxland Viking Saga

Melvin Voxland was born in January of 1902. He was a second generation Norwegian-American, and learned as a child to speak fluently in the Telemark dialect of Norwegian. He graduated Concordia College and the University of Minnisota. He married Alice Cecelia Sundholm of Ely, Minnisota and together they had two children. They lived in Rochester, Minnisota and he worked as a teacher and administrator. Melvin Voxland's masterwork, however, was in genealogy. He tirelessly researched and recorded the history of Vaagsland gaard in Norway and it's diaspora into America. He corrosponded, interviewed, searched church records, and even traveled to the Vaagsland gaard Norway. His book, Voxland Viking Saga (1980), was the culmination of this research.
Melvin with ? in front of the old abandoned residence on the Oppistua part of Vaagsland gaard in 1969.


Hans Martin Voxland 1866 - 1952
Louise Rasmusdotter Wickum 1868 - 1933


Karen Louise Voxland 1938 - ?
Philip Martin Voxland 1944 - ?

Nota Bene:

Melvin Voxland and my last common ancestor was born in 1705 - he's my fourth cousin four times removed. He has been included here without direct links to the rest of the family because of his importance in Vaagsland genealogy work. Eventually I'll fill out the people relating us (already well documented), but I've chosen to prioritize persons I have pictures of in this online work.


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