Marwin Otis Wrolstad

1921 - ?

Marwin Otis Wrolstad was born in New Hope, WI on November 22nd, 1921. He got his B.A. from Luther College in 1944 and his J.D. from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1949. During World War II Marwin served as a lieutenant in the Supply Corps of the U.S. Naval Reserve (June 1943 - August 1946) and part of his duty was in Iceland. He married June Roberta Olson in Madison, WI on December 4, 1953. He had a diverse early career as a casualty claim adjuster (1948-1952), Chief of the Methods and Training Division at the U.S. Armed Forces Institute (1952-1957), and Business Manager for the University of Omaha (1957-1960) before settling down to become the Business Manager of Lawrence University in 1960. During that time Marwin and June had 3 children. In the 1970s Marwin became involved in recording his family's history. Starting in 1967 June and Marwin built a Norwegian style cabin called "Skogstue" on Grenlie Lake in the Town of Scandinavia, WI to which they moved when Marwin retired in 1982. After retirement he also became very involved in the community, especially Norwegian-American history. In 1995 June and Marwin sold their Scandinavia land and buildings to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a Natural Area but continued to live there as tenants until 2001 when they gave up their lease and moved to St. Paul, MN. Marwin is the current Wrolstad family historian and as such was contacted by Bradley Wogsland in 2006 to learn more about their common ancestors.


Alfred M. Wrolstad 1886 - 1955
Mabel Olivia Bestul - 1945


Bradley Alfred Wrolstad 1955 - ?
William Christopher Wrolstad 1958 - ?
Sara Jean Wrolstad 1959 - ?


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