Cara Ellen Wogsland

1979 - ?

On the 11th of December, 1979, Cara Ellen Craig was born to Joel and Bev Craig in Manassas, VA. Her sister Colleen was born two and a half years later. August 15th, 1982 they both recieved a catholic baptism in Frederick, MD, following the tradition of their father. Tragedy, unfortunately, struck Cara at an early age when her father died from diabetes in 1985. Despondent, the little girl went through the first grade twice, the second time receiving high marks, a tradition of excellence she would continue for the rest of her life. She would, however, always remain sensitive to the notion of death. In 1988 Cara received a loving new dad when her mother married Ray Greenfield. Two years later Ray was transfered to Atlanta, GA and moved his new family with him. Cara quickly made friends in their new suburban home of Alpharetta.

The young belles.
Cara playing dress-up with her little sister Colleen.
Cara striking a pose as a teenager.
Cara was an excellent student; often called teacher's pet. She dreamed of being an astronaut, but never had to work very hard at school. In a high school biology class in 1994 Cara met the love of her life, Bradley Wogsland. These high school sweethearts were soon married and in 1997 had twin daughters, Alora and Brittan. They were born in South Carolina because Brad was studying at Presbyterian College at the time. It was in Clinton, SC that this little family firmly established itself.
After a year at Presbyterian, Brad transfered to Georgia Tech in Atlanta. The little family moved into an apartment on North Avenue and Cara soon joined her husband as a student at Georgia Tech and worked on campus as a librarian. Although she had an early affinity for electrical circuits, she eventually settled on International Affairs as a major. In 2002, they relocated to Alpharetta so Alora and Brittan would have good schools to attend. Cara started working at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, where she would work for the next three years, since it was closer to their new home. Cara disenrolled from GA Tech in the spring of 2003 to focus on motherhood. Maxwell, her first son, was born in July of 2003. The next year the growing family of six (including the dog Molly) moved to K-Town or Knoxville, TN as it is known to the outside world. It was there, in 2005, that her daughter Zara was born.
Alora, Brad, Cara, and Brittan at a wedding in 2002.


Beverly Ruth Greenfield 1952 - ?
Robert Joel Craig 1952 - 1985


Alora August Wogsland 1997 - ?
Brittan Valhalla Wogsland 1997 - ?
Maxwell Andric Xavier Wogsland 2003 - ?
Zara Anjali Wogsland 2005 - ?


1. Cara Wogsland
2. Bradley James Wogsland

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