Catherine Schlag Marshall

1900 - 1983

Catherine as a baby.
It was in Baltimore, MD that Catherine Marie Schlag was born 26 January, 1900 to Adolph and Louise Schlag. Both of her parents were immigrants, from the German realms of Saxony and Hesse respectively.
Catherine learned to speak German as well as English, a tradition she passed on to her son somewhat diluted because of the anti-German sentiment resulting from the First World War. Catherine met Frank Marshall and wed him 22 October 1922 in Baltimore.
The teutonic bride in 1922.
Catherine with her granddaughter Sally in 1955.
There they had two children. Catherine was a schoolteacher for 10 years and then worked for the Maryland Dept of Employment Security. She lost her husband in 1962.
Catherine retired in 1970. Her grandchildren and great-granchildren called her "Grossmom", gro� being the German word for great. That is about all the German which was passed directly to these generations. (However, one of her great-grandchildren, Bradley, is attempting to resurrect this bilingual tradition.) Catherine died February 18, 1983 in Baltimore, MD.
Catherine with her great-grandson Bradley in 1980.


Adolph Herman Schlag 1865 - 1948
Louise Ruehl 1865 - 1946


Frank Bush Marshall 1925 - 1992
Maria Elizabeth Marshall 19?? - 2014


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