Torbjorn Jorgenson

1584 - 1667

Torbjorn Jorgenson was born on Vraalstad gaard in Norway in 1584. He inherited the Vraalstad gaard where he lived. He married twice, to girls named Liv (his first wife), and Sigrid Bjornsdotter (his second wife). It is unknown which was the mother of his children. Through other aquisitions Torbjorn grew to become the second largest landowner in Telemark at the time, behind Eilev Solberg. Naturally, the two saw their children wed. Torbjorn died in 1667 on the Vraalstad gaard.


Jorgen Torvaldson ???? - ????
Aslaug Torbjornsdotter circa 1540 - ????


Anund Torbjornson ???? - 1680
Liv Torbjornsdotter ???? - ????


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