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Den hellige Skrift
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The Bible (Bibelen) was printed in 1873 in Christiania, which is what Oslo was called until 1925. Thereafter it was shipped to America and became the property of Ole Wogsland. The entries dated 1876 and 1877 were most likely written by Ole himself. The 1879 entry chronicles Ole's death and refers to him as "Fader", meaning it was probably written by one of his offspring. It may have been his wife Gunhild however. Either way it is clearly in a different hand (compare "H" for example). The 1881 entry mentions "datter" Anne O. Wogsland, thus was most likely written by Gunhild. The hand which wrote this is also clearly different from the earlier two (again look at "H") The authorship of the 1898 and 1911 entries is less clear as of yet, although they appear to be in the same hand as the 1879 entry. The latter of those refers to Gunhild's death. Thereafter the history of the Bibelen is not known until it fell into the hands of Sylvia Wogsland, who gave it to her brother Lyle Wogsland. Lyle died in 2004 and the Ole Wogsland Bibelen currently resides in the collection of his wife Barb Wogsland.


Page 1-detailing events through Ole's death in 1879

Page 2-detailing futher events until Gunhild's death in 1911

Pages 2 and 3 give a view of the title page

Pages 4 and 5 give a look at the Bibelen text itself


1876 den 28de December omtrent
Kl. 8½ om ??rg???en h?? ???vores
kjære Datter Anne O. Wogsland i
Troen paa vor höilovede Forläser
hve? hun paa kaldte lige til hun???
gav Aanden. Herren gav, Herren tog!
Herrens Navn ?ore lovet. Hun vor föil
4de April 1857 og le????oaledes ?esten
20 Aar go?? ???l. H??? blev begraven
ved New Hope Kirke Sorelog?? Dec. 30te 1876

1877 den 12te Marts blev vor lile Datter
Anne föil og ??bt of Pastor N. B. Berg
Sog?????est. New Hope og a? ?e?terede
Me?ig heder, saw ?? Aar. Herren bevor
he?de og alle vores övrige Börn saw
vel saw as alle i Troen paa vor höilovede
Frelser Jesuus Christuus, Det höre og ?o??
höre vorkjöre hi ??? elske Fader for Jesu
Christi Skyld ved sin goele
Hellig Aand - Amen

1879 din 25de juni omtrent
Klokken 11 om aftenen döde
vor kure Fader Ole O Wogsla
han döde i trom paa sin
frelser ?a paa vaar höilovede
Forläser Han ???ar ?öd den
1te Mai 1826 han blev 58 aar gam
han blev begravet ved New Hope
Kirke Mondagen den 30te 1879

1881 Den 14 Juni hensov min Lile
datter Anne O Wogsland hun var
4 aar 3 maaneder og 2 dage Herren
gav Herren tog Herrens Naven var

1898 Den 21 Mai hensov min
datter Dina H. Wogsland hun
var 26 är gammel. Herren gav
Herren tog Herrens Navn
v?r lovet.

1911 Den 23 Dec hensov
hvor kjere Moder
Mrs. Gunhild Wogsland
I troen pä sin frelser
velsignet v??t
begravet den 29 Dec

1876 the 28th of December about
half past 8 O'clock ?????
dear daughter Anne O. Wogsland in
the Faith ?
? she ? ? she
gave the Spirit. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away!
The Lords Name ? the law. She ????
April 4th, 1857 and ? ? ?
20 years ????. ??? (was?) buried
at the New Hope Church ??? Dec. 30th, 1876

1877 the 12th of March. ?? little daughter
Anne ? and ? ? Pastor N. B. Berg
? ? New Hope and ?
? (honor?), ? year(s). The Lord before?
? and all moreover are born sheep,
good? sheep, in the Faith of ?
Redeemer Jesus Christ. Those that hear and ?
hear ? ? love Father for Jesus
Christ guilt with his ?
Holy Spirit - Amen

1879 the 25th of June, about
11 O'clock in the afternoon,
Father Ole O Wogsland died (with a priest?).
He died in the faith of his
redeemer. ? ?
?. He was born on the
1st of May 1826. He (was?) 58 years old.
He (was?) buried at New Hope
Church Monday the 30th 1879.

1881 the 14th of June. My little
daughter Anne O Wogsland (died?). She was
4 years, 3 months and 2 days. The Lord
giveth and the Lord taketh away. The Lords Name (was?)
the law.

1898 the 21st of May. My
daughter Dina H. Wogsland (died?). She
was 26 years old. The Lord Giveth and
the Lord taketh away. The Lords Name
(was?) the law

1911 Dec 23. ?
? Dear mother
Mrs. Gunhild Wogsland (died?)
in the faith of her redeemer
blest ?
buried Dec 29


1. Pictures taken by Nancy Wogsland in the Fall of 2004.

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