Joseph Vossough Golshani

19?? - ?

Khosrow Vossough was born to Hossein and Fatemah Vossough in Iran. He emigrated to the United States in 1978 with his brother Parviz and they added their hometown in a new surname. (Khosrow Vossough 'o Golshani means Khosrow Vossough from Golshani in Farsi). Khosrow also changed his name to Joseph. He married Behnaz and together had two children.

Behnaz & Joseph Golshani in 2005


Hossein Vossough ???? - ?
Fatemah ???? - ?


Nika Golshani 19?? - ?
Bijan Golshani 19?? - ?


1. Amir Golshani

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