The Correspondence of
Neal Wogsland and Inez Styza

1980 - 1987

Neal kept rather volumous records of things, and two of the following letters are from a file marked "INEZ STYZA and EMMA SIPLON" (they were sisters). Unfortunately, it appears that most of Neal's Correspondence with Inez Styza was lost. The letters were transcribed and charts scanned in September 2005 by Bradley Wogsland.

From the desk of
Inez Styza

Dec 10, 1980
Dear Cousin Neal:

I am enclosing some pages of my mothers children - and I would like to have you return it to me after you have taken off any information you need.

Mother Oletta was first married to Iverson - but he was killed within a couple years of her marriage. After that she married my father Ole Martin Wogsland. She had
Lilly - married to Hanford Sparks
Oscar - " to Catherine Ahlers
Gina - " " Geo. Otis Brumm
Mabel - " " Elra Glenn
Arvin - " " Elsie
Emma - " " Joseph Siplon
Walter - " " Priscilla
Inez - " " Felix Styza
Margaret - " " Edward Styza
(Thought the above my help you straighten out mothers grandchildren

Don't know if any enclosed is of help - but hope so.

Wishing you a very Happy N.Y. and a Blessed Christmas


P.S. Anytime you come to Florida Nov thro April - stop and see us Milwaukee the other months.

Jack Richard Styza (Alice Krzesinski) wife
Richard Styza - Ann De Haus
Kathryn -
Jane -

Mary Jean Styza Ripp (Don J. Ripp) husband
Michael Bryce Ripp - (Lucy Geary) - wife
Susan Ann - Gordon Heule - husband
Robert Joseph - Jane Adams - wife

Bryce Philip Styza (Anne Sieferd
Timothy Frances (Dawn Liebherr

I have listed my grandchildrens names after their parents.

Herefollows Inez Styza's "pages of my mothers children", which apparently Neal neglected to return.

This note is from a 1986 Christmas card.

Dear Cousin:

Too bad we cant meet some year. If you ever go up to Wisconsin - we live in Milwaukee usually from May 15 to Oct 15th. Would be pleased to have you stop in - or we are in Florida balance of year. Have a Merry Christmas + a Happy New Year

Inez Wogsland Styza

Dear Inez and Felix,

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Your card got here in time to correct your address on the envelope. (After Mary Dell addressed the cards, I pulled about a dozen aside for writing notes.) Please send your Milwaukee address when you go back to Wisconsin for the summer.

Our family was all together last Christmas in California. However, we will stay in Maryland this year. Only Nancy, who lives in Richmond VA, will be with us. I don't know if I had told you that Jim and Sally moved from West Chester PA to Dublin CA in June 1986. Bradley now is in 3rd grade, Patrick is in 1st grade, and Jaime is in nursery school.

Last New Years Eve, Dell and Bob Elias moved into their new home in the Emerald Hills area of Redwood City CA. After a very difficult pregnancy (Mary Dell spent 4 months with Dell), Julie's sister Kristen was born 6/20/87. So, as you can see, 2 of our 3 children and all 5 grandchildren are in California.

Although I have retired, I am as busy as ever. I have not progressed very far on the Wogsland genealogy during these 2 years. However, I have traced Mary Dell's ancestry to the early 1800's, withat least 2 lines going into the 1700's in colonial America.

We have done some traveling to destinations in California, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We are considering Florida and Wisconsin also for 1988. I'll write more later.

Best Wishes.......Neal and Mary Dell Wogsland

Last Modified: 4 September 2005 by Bradley James Wogsland.