Mildred Ruby Revis

1914 - ?

Mildred Ruby Revis was born June 30, 1914. She married Henry James Soberg, son of a Nowegian boat captain. Together they had her only child, Henry. Later she married McGowan Owens, with whom she changed her son's last name to Owens. She was married twice more, to Arthur J Pick, and John Howard Winland.
The Revis Sisters circa 1980
Mattie, Mayme, Mildred, and Maude


Idella Candelis Wheeler 1879 - 1957
James Henry Revis 1878 - 1953


James Henry Soberg 1932 - ?


1. Bradley James Wogsland
2. Mary Dell Wogsland
3. Neal Wogsland

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