Mary Oletta Wogsland

1931 - ?

Mary Oletta Wogsland, daughter of Oscar and Catherine Wogsland, was born March 8th, 1931. Her middle name she took from her grandmother. Mary became a catholic nun - a Franciscan Sister, and hence never married or had children. She taught French at the High School level until 1979 when she started teaching at Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, WI. Sister Mary had an interesting experience that got her started working on genealogy:

Two retired teachers, Bjarne Wrolstad and his wife, came to audit my class. The first day, I said to him, you can see that, by my name, although I teach French, I am not French! He had a twinkle in his eye and he told me he was from Iola [WI], that he knew the Wogslands there and that his great-grandfather came from Norway with Ole Olson Wogsland - our great-grandfather.

Mary recorded a great deal of information about her part of the family and disseminated it among the various individuals working on Wogsland genealogy.


Catherine Ahlers 1896 - 1943
Oscar Wogsland 1893 - 1959




1. Mary Wogsland
2. Inez Styza

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