Parviz Vossough Golshani

1948 - ?

Parviz Vossough was born to Hossein and Aghdaz Vossough in Iran in 1948. In 1978 Parviz came to the United States and said he was Parviz Vossough from Golshan, which is Parviz Vossough 'o Golshani in Farsi, thus getting a new last name. He came with his brother Khosrow, who changed his name to Joseph. Parviz wed Joyce Laycak and together they had two children, Amir and Sara. They latered divorced and Parviz remarried to Julie. Parviz runs several restaurants north of Atlanta.

Partying Parviz in 2005


Hossein Vossough ???? - ?
Aghdaz ???? - 2005


Amir Hossein Golshani 1983 - ?
Sara Faye Golshani 1985 - ?


1. Amir Golshani

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