Bradley James Wogsland

"To learn all that is learnable."

1979 - ?

The young viking.
Bradley James Wogsland was born to Jim and Sally Wogsland in the humid summer of 1979 in Baltimore, MD. His brother Patrick and his sister Jaime were also born there. After that they lived in Pennsylvania, California, and Georgia. A precocious child, he endured a difficult youth. He attended three different elementary schools: Fern Hill (PA), Nielsen (CA), and Dolvin (GA). Thereafter he attend Taylor Road Middle School and Chattahoochee High school in Georgia.
It was in a high school biology class in 1994 Brad met Cara Craig. The security of their relationship freed him to excel in high school, taking college level courses and winning the science fair. After high school Brad married Cara August 10, 1997 and soon after their twin daughters, Alora and Brittan, were born. They were born in South Carolina because Brad was studying at Presbyterian College at the time. After a year at Presbyterian, Brad realized he needed a more rigorous scientific education and transfered to Georgia Tech, where in 2002 he completed two BS degrees in Physics and Math. While there Bradley worked several odd jobs to make ends meet, including waiting tables and teaching for the Math and CS departments.
Relaxing while camping in the late 1990's.

Brad, Cara, Zara (in utero), Maxwell, Alora, Brittan and Molly von Schwarzhund atop Clingman's Dome on the TN/NC border in 2005.
In the spring of 2002, Bradley also moved his family out of their Georgia Tech campus apartment and into his parents basement. While far from being a perfect arrangement, this allowed the now school-aged twins to attend in Alpharetta rather than in downtown Atlanta. Maxwell, Bradley's first son, was born there in July of 2003. Brad's motto is "to learn all that is learnable" and he augments his scientific pursuits by studying history and languages among other things. He graduated with a BA in German from Georgia State University in 2004. That August saw Bradley move his growing family to Knoxville, TN to begin work on his Physics Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee. In 2005 he became a member of the BaBar Collaboration, running one of the world's two B meson factories at the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC). That summer also saw the birth of his daughter Zara. Continuing the family's nomadic lifestyle Bradley moved them all out to California for the 06-07 school year to work at SLAC.
After working at SLAC for a year, Bradley moved his family back to Tennessee and quit grad school to enter industry. In 2008 he joined Experian and moved the family to Lincoln, NE where they spent the next few years. It was there that he pushed Cara to complete her bachelor's degree in a science, and she chose biochemistry. Bradley's career didn't take off though, as the economic downturn hit Lincoln. He was in the last layoff before Experian closed the office there in 2010, but they remained in Lincoln another year so Cara could finish her degree. During that year Bradley helped Alora and Brittan prepare for the SATs, which led to them be recruited early college a couple years later. Cara getting into grad school at Vanderbilt led the family to move back to Tennessee, where Bradley got involved in startups. This put him on a career track he was able to advance on over the following years. In 2016 Bradley and Cara visited Europe for the first time and decided to move there. In 2017 when Cara had completed her PhD they made this dream a reality. Unfortunately, by this point there wasn't much left to their relationship, so they split up in 2018.


Sally Marshall Wogsland 1955 - ?
James Obert Wogsland 1956 - ?


Alora August Wogsland 1997 - ?
Brittan Valhalla Wogsland 1997 - ?
Maxwell Andric Xavier Wogsland 2003 - ?
Zara Anjali Wogsland 2005 - ?


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