Robert Joel Craig

1952 - 1985

Joel Craig was born on the 17th of May in Albany, NY to Robert And Virginia Craig. He was training for the priesthood until he met Beverly Gerber, who changed his mind about a celebate lifestyle. They were married on the 7th of June, 1974 in Annandale, VA.
Joel in his prime.

Four Generations
Bob (his father), Kate (his grandmother), Joel, & Cara (his daughter)
Joel and Bev decided to live in Manassas and raise a family. Together they had two daughters, Cara and Colleen - both Irish names because Joel was proud of his Irish heritage. Unfortunately, Joel had diabetes, slowing withering him away as he watched his children grow. Eventually, it took his life in 1985.


Virginia Marie Craig1927 - ?
Robert James Craig 1923 - 1981


Cara Ellen Craig 1979 - ?
Colleen Elana Craig 1982 - ?


1. Cara Wogsland
2. Virginia Craig

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