Patrick Andrew Wogsland

1981 - ?

Patrick Andrew Wogsland was a Valentine baby - the second born to Jim and Sally Wogsland. He was born in Baltimore, MD. His elder brother was not old enough to pronounce the consonant combinations in his name when he was born, so he instead called him "Packie" - a nickname that has stuck with him. Packie's family moved around a lot, so he's also lived in Pennsylvania, California, and Georgia.
Young Packie riding a tiger at Kings Dominion.

Packie as a High School Senior.
Packie has always been an athlete, playing just about every sport competitively at some point in his life. He weight trains and takes his physical conditioning very seriously. Packie is fluent in Spanish, and spent a summer in Spain during college. He graduated from Georgia Tech in December of 2004 with a BS in Building Construction. Having worked for Opus for three years while at Georgia Tech, he took a job as an associate project manager there after graduating.


Sally Marshall Wogsland 1955 - ?
James Obert Wogsland 1956 - ?


Eleanor 2014 - ?
Marshall Alan 2018 - ?


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