Kenneth Allen Nicholas

1964 - ?

Little Ken rides a tricycle.
Kenneth Allen Nicholas was born January 25th, 1964. He was an only child, and his father left the family when he was a young boy.
In 1987 Ken graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He worked for the airline Delta as a Mechanical Engineer and made a home in the suburbs of Atlanta.
Studious young Ken.

Ken on Lake Lanier in 2000.
It was there that Ken met Nancy Wogsland, whom he wed 10 April 1999 in Alpharetta, GA. Ken soon discovered that he married not just Nancy, but her family as well, who warmly accepted him. They currently make their home in Norcross, GA. In 2007 they adopted a baby, Brenton, from Kazakhstan.


Marge? ???? - ?
(father) ???? - ?




1. Bradley Wogsland
2. Nancy Nicholas

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