Earl Gerber

1??? - ?

Earl Gerber was the son of John and Eva Gerber. He was in the Navy during WWII on a minesweeper in the English Channel. After Fance was liberated, Earl would get leave there. One day, he heard of some Americans camped nearby - recently freed POWs from Germany. His brother, Lynn, had disappeared during the amphibious landing at Salerno. Many thought he was dead, but Earl hoped he was instead captured. So he went to this American camp and called out "is anyone here named Gerber?" Lynn was there and answered him. They spent thew night catching up and then Earl went back to his ship the next day. Earl got married and had at least three children, a son and twin daughters.


John Edward Gerber ???? - 19??
Eva Gerber ???? - 19??


Gary Gerber 19?? - ?
a daughter Gerber 19?? - ?
a daughter Gerber 19?? - ?


1. Richard Gerber
2. Bradley Wogsland
3. Bev Greenfield

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