Be forewarned that the genealogical information available on the web is all too often a copy of a copy of a copy ad infinitum. Primary sources are the most rigorous, and, until you trace your ancestors back to the boat they came over on, not hard to come by in America. Censuses, church records, tombstones, state and municipal records abound and are often being digitized and put on the internet. Legwork and interviews are, however, still the best method.

Genealogy Index This is basically just a giant web of biographical, historical information about the various persons who are related to me. I have included references at the end of every page so that you can thereby judge how good the source is. As families are always growing and my research into the history of my kin is ongoing, this site will be forever under construction.

Some other useful links for genealogists:
German Genealogy Site
How to Trace Your Ancestors in Norway by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Vesterheim Museum has genealogical resources on Norwegian immigrants to America.
Portage County Historical Society Many of the first Wogsland immigrants as well as other Norwegian ancestors lived and died in this part of Wisconsin. NB: there is no overarching search of the site, and it is a maze, but there is a lot of good information available.

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