When Neal and I Met

Brad has asked me to write something about when Neal and I met so here goes ---

My Brother Bob Fortune and sister-in-law Phyllis had bought a beautiful piece of land in Bel Air Maryland. Their house had not been built yet but they were clearing the land and planting a garden. Bob had built a shed where he stored equipment. Bob and Phyllis planned a picnic and Neal was one of the guests. Neal, a native of Wisconsin, was in the Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland and Phyllis also worked there. It started pouring rain so we dashed for the shed and that is where I met Neal. Isn't it wonderful how God brings people together?!
Neal and I were married in a beautiful ceremony, February 16, 1952, at Northwood Appold Methodist Church in Baltimore, Maryland. We built our home next to Bob and Phyllis in Bel Air, Maryland. We were blessed with three children, Jim, Dell and Nancy. Also, we have been blessed with two sons-in-law Bob Elias and Ken Nicholas and a dear daughter in law Sally Marshall. The blessings don't stop there. We have five grandchildren Bradley, Patrick and Jaime and Julie and Kristen, two grandchildren by marriage Cara and Amir Golshani and three great grandchildren Alora, Brittan and Maxwell and one little girl due July '05.

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