2009 Wish Lists

Let the Wishing Begin...

Last Updated November 16, 2009


Zara Wants:
Ponies (as in my little ponies)
her own little christmas tree, about 2 ft size or so
new clothes
Flying unicorn pony
Pretty cups and plates (my little pony and/or sparkles)
New shoes
Things that sparkle

Parent Suggestions:
Legos (the smallest kind)
Dooby Dooby Moo by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin
Zara loves: Zebras, Elephants, Giraffes, Horses, Ponies, Unicorns, Mermaids
Preschool games

Clothing: 5/6
size 5/6 zip up footed pajamas (snugglejamas)
Dress up Clothing
Shoe size 11/12 - She loves shoes, so feel free to be creative!
Cute boots (She already has snow boots.)
her own bike helmet


Maxwell Wants:
"Free ticket to go bowling" (It might be fun to have a group bowling outing for the holidays.)
Light Green DS Lite and DS Lite games
Robot T-Rex Dinosaur that comes with a bone
Transformers Stuff
A big huge pack of bubblegum
Stars Wars, Batman, Superman, and Spiderman stuff
McDonald's Money
Flash cards or learning games (first grade)
"Different colored chalk"
Bike with training wheels.
Legos (the smallest kind)
6yr old crafties
LeapPad books

DVDs (all movies in Wide-Screen):
Disney's Up
Flushed Away
Aliens in the Attic
Monsters vs Aliens

Skippyjon Jones books. (We own none of them and he loves them.)
Curious George Books
Rhyming, Same Beginning Sounds, and Early Reader Books

Size 7 shirts, Pants size 7 slim.
Nice Slacks
Button down white shirts (My son is very preppy)
He's getting taller but he's still super skinny.
(Adjustable waists are always a plus)
Size 7 zip up footed pajamas (snugglejamas)
"Very Nice dressy shoes"
Shoe size 13

Alora still loves GREEN better than pink.

1/12th scale Dollhouse stuff

Shoes size womens 10:
Slipper boots (go with 11 instead of 9/10 combo sizes)
Closed toe Slip ons
running shoes
flip flops

Clothing (size girls 16, juniors 0-2 or small, women's x-small/small):
really cool comfy shirts
super awesome coolio (aka trendy) above-the-knee socks
Cool Socks (women's size 9-11)

Unabridged Classics: Heide
nonfiction books on famous people or times through out our history
Books on the Holocaust

Colbie Caillat - Breakthrough Album
Sarah Bareilles - Little Voice Album

Other Things:
Saxophone(Alto) Stuff: trinkets/pins/keychains/fabric/earings (music notes also)
bike bell (not a horn)
Bike basket
small shadow box trinkets
Big pack of Sculpey Eraser Clay
American Girl Stuff (no fragrance or lotion)
Target gift cards
scrapbooking stickers
cute patterns for sewing
Photo prints for scrapbooking.
Joanns gift cards
Visa Gift Cards
Hancock Fabrics gift cards
fat quarters fabric
plants(seeds, pots, sprouts)
DS Lite Games:
theme park
my sims


1/12th scale Dollhouse stuff

Shoes Womens size 10:
white snow boots
Slipper boots (go with 11 instead of 9/10 combo sizes)

Clothing (size girls 16, juniors 0-2 or small, women's x-small/small):
Nice Dresses, very pretty, very fluffy, not too itchy or too tight
socks(preferably blue or flowers, women's size 9-11)
colorful warm tights

Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll
All Sequels to So you want to be a Wizard in the Wizardry Series by Dianne Duane
A Series of Unfortunate Events; The End, #13 by Lemony Snicket
Physic,Queste,Syrenby:Angie Sage (yes they are spelled right)

Taylor Swift Albums - Fearless Platinum Edition, and self-titled Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood Albums - Play On, Carnival Ride, and Some Hearts

DVDs (all movies in Wide-Screen):
Disney's Up

Cool Stuff:
Photo prints for scrapbooking.
Visa Gift cards
Target, Barnes and Noble, or Joann's gift cards
American Girl Stuff (no fragrance or lotion)
Violin Stuff: trinkets/pins/keychains/fabric/earings (music notes also)
Fun Stickers (not for scrapbooking)
Fairy figurines
Bike Accessories:
bike basket
bike horn (not bell)
strong bike headlight
Wii Games:
American Idol Game
DS Lite Games:
Nintendogs, HAVEST MOON: Magical Melody, Theme Park, My Sims: Kingdom
Original Board Games:
The Game of Life


Wii exercise games for balance board
Wii weights

Thing that heats hot water for tea or cocoa. Dell and Sally have one.

Mechanical pencils, 7mm, with extra erasers or pushup eraser attached to pencil

CD visor for car. (I have a nice new car that plays CDs now)

short-sleeved or long-sleeved GAP favorite T shirts, Tall, Size Medium: All Colors wanted, must be purchased online
Musical shakers for music room
Boom Box/Stereo

Quilting/Sewing Things:
Various Fabrics, I love collecting fabrics, old or new.

Gift Cards:
Bed Bath and Beyond
Pink/P!nk any album


Please save our budget and buy Brad wine.
Fire Implements for indoor fireplace

Sock Size 13-15
Bradley also needs nice socks for work to wear with light colored pants. The man only has 3 pairs of brown socks!! Last night I found one of each pattern of sock but no matches. Therefore more socks are needed. Thank you.

CO2 Cartridge Wine Opener
DVDs (all movies in Wide-Screen):
Tom Wilson: Bigger Than You
007 James Bond in
License to Kill
A-Team season 2 and later
Beavis and Butthead season 2 and later
Bridge Over the River Kwai
Full Metal Jacket
The Hustler (1961)
Monty Python's Flying Circus Complete set
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
North by Northwest (1959)
Smurfs and the Magic Flute
Star Trek seasons 2 & 3
Der Untergang
Vertigo (1958)

Ghulam Movie Soundtrack

Mahabharata (Sanskrit epic, unabridged in Sanskrit & English interlinear)
Snorri- Eddas(In old Norse & English)
Theodore Ayrault Dodge:
--Gustavus Adolphus
--Napoleon (4 Vols)
Vannever Bush Bio Endless Frontier - G. Zachary
Engineering the New South: GA Tech, 1885-1985
Thomas Jefferson's Complete Works
Olav Sannes Drangedal med Tordal (published 1924)*

Who is John Galt? T-Shirt XL
Other Stuph:
Prohibition era Andrew J. Volstead corkscrew (Old Snifter)

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