Food Allergy Info: Milk (Peanuts, Egg coming soon)

Milk Allergy

There are two main proteins in milk: whey and casein. The proteins are what people are allergic to. These proteins can be found in all milk products. Sometimes the proteins are denatured or partly destroyed but people can still have allergic reactions to these partial proteins. That is why all milk products should be avoided. Products produced on equipment shared with milk products should also be avoided. It's up to the individual if they avoid products produced in the same factory.

Also, look for small wording claiming that "product may contain milk". This warning is not always listed near the ingredients. Federal regualtions are stricter now and allergens such as milk, should be clearly listed if a product contains them but this is not always the case and should not be trusted except to say "yes this has milk and should be avoided". Always read all of the ingredients everytime a product is purchased. Ingredients can change at any time. I've seen it happen.

Ingredients and Foods to Avoid:
artificial butter flavor
butter, butter fat, butter oil
casien, casien hydrolysate
caseinates (in all forms)
cheese (all kinds)
cream, sour cream, sour cream solids
cottage cheese
lactalbumin, lactalbumin phosphate
milk (in all forms including goat's milk and milk from other animals)
rennet casein
sour milk solids
whey (in all forms)

The following products might contain milk:
The ingredients should be checked especially carefully, If there aren't specifics, avoid these foods:

caramel dips and candies
natural and artificial flavorings
high protein flour
lactic acid starter culture
sandwich meat, hotdogs, sausages (I have never found any hotdogs with milk in them, we eat a lot of hotdogs. But I have found sandwich meat and sausages that contain milk.)
margarine (most margarines have milk in them but there are a few that are dairy free)
non-dairy products; often contain milk derivatives (always read the ingredients, if it says "dairy free" you are probably safe, but again, Always read the ingredients!)

This info is from the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network and my personal experience.

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