Sally and Jaime's Trip to Knoxville
Followed by
Cara's Trip to Alpharetta
Thursday May 5, 2005 - Saturday May 7, 2005

A whirlwind Trip

Jaime and Sally came up from Georgia to visit so we could all see Jaime and she could see our house. They came up Thursday and spent one night. Jaime is currently living in Norfolk,VA but flew home to Alpharetta, GA to visit for the week.

cute Maxwell with his aunt Jaime

Maxwell with his Nanny

Alora and Brittan wrestling with aunt Jaime

And yes, Jaime has died her hair brown. Isn't she cute?

Late Friday morning Jaime, Sally, Maxwell and I all headed to Alpharetta. Jaime rode with me in my new mini van. The reason for my trip is to get all of our baby girl stuff out of the Wogslands' attic. Maxwell and I dropped Jaime off when we got there and headed over to spend the evening with my parents. We're sleeping at the Wogslands.

Colleen gave me very nice foot rubs and then we went over to see our friend Scott, who we still had an xmas gift to deliver to.

Maxwell snuggled with aunt Colleen, how cute!!

Then I got more foot rubs, ahhh.

Maxwell and grammy dancing

Classic photo of my mom and Dad on the couch with wine.

We had a very nice evening. Maxwell fell asleep on the way over to Nanny and Poppy's and stayed asleep (until he woke in the middle of the night to finish his sleep with me). We hung out for a little while and then I got motivated to get things sorted in the attic. Jim and Jaime carried it all out of the attic to the hallway and then we went to bed.

The three girls left Maxwell and Poppy to play on Saturday morning while we went and got our nails done. It was my first pedicure ever. It was awesome. Then we hung out and had lunch, packed up my car and Maxwell and I headed home. They all left later to take Jaime to the airport.

My beautiful nails, several days later. She painted then flowers freehand.

Sitting in Nanny's underconstruction kitchen

Poppy in the underconstruction kitchen

Sally looking great in her underconstruction kitchen

The floors have been refinished and the wallpaper stripped, still to come: paint, cabinets, counters.

Maxwell and I had a good drive home and I was exhausted, but my toes looked pretty and Bradley got me Pizza Hut for dinner so it was all worth it. Plus I had a car full of things to organize. Our baby now has clothing through age seven instead of nothing, which is a vast improvement.

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