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Because I'm crazy, 2018 will also include a marathon. Not a serious one. Just a destination one. Hopefully I don't get eaten by a polar bear.

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Training Schedule

Week Starting Miles Planned Miles Ran
11/6/2017 5 1
11/13/2017 10 0
11/20/2017 15 2
11/27/2017 15 2 AWS re:Invent 4K
12/4/2017 18 2
12/11/2017 20 0
12/18/2017 20 0
12/25/2017 20 6.2
1/1/2018 20 13.1 Tromsø Half Marathon
1/8/2018 20 3
1/15/2018 20 3
1/22/2018 21 0
1/29/2018 22 7
2/5/2018 23 6 Winter Run 10K
2/12/2018 24 8 Crazy Eights 8K
2/19/2018 25 19
2/26/2018 26
3/5/2018 27
3/12/2018 28
3/19/2018 29
3/26/2018 30
4/9/2018 32
4/16/2018 34
4/23/2018 36 Bergen City BMW Halvmaraton
4/30/2018 38
5/7/2018 40 PyCon 5K?
5/14/2018 15
5/21/2018 9
5/28/2018 31.2 Spitsbergen Marathon

27 Februar 2018

Today I made my first ascent of the seventh of Bergen's sju fjellene, Lyderhorn. Maxwell joined me on what was one of the coldest days this winter, with the wind blowing from Siberia to the east rather than from the North Sea to the west. Too much snow on the ground to go running! It was an interesting climb because on the seaward side of Lyderhorn is an old WWII base that managed to hold back the Nazis about as well as Fort Pulaski in Georgia protected Savannah from Union troops during the Civil War. We took quite a few pictures while exploring there and on our journey up the mountain. The sun was shining bright, but above the treeline the cold wind was blowing hard enough that it's dunes of snow quickly covered the footsteps of those who went before us in the deep snow. Lyderhorn is on the edge of Bergen, so most the downtown area isn't viewable from the summit because Damesgårdfjellet and Løvstakken obscure it. On this sunny day we could still see all the way to the glaciated peaks far to the south of us. Near the top we stopped to try the cookstove that I picked up at REI in Ann Arbor earlier this month, choosing a sheltered dale to avoid the wind putting out the flame. Food rarely tastes so good as it does on a long hike. We decided to run on the way down, because Maxwell's feet were getting cold. On the steeper slopes it really was easier to glissade though.

25 Februar 2018 - 16 km

Today I did a long run around Løvstakken, which puts me at 31 km for the week - my best week so far this year. I definitely would've gotten lost on the back side of the mountain if I hadn't brought my phone though. I was even able to give an old couple directions successfully in Norwegian. And I caught a lot of pokémon.

21 Februar 2018 - 5 km

Another sunny day, another run through the forest. I think I might be forming a habit...

20 Februar 2018 - 5 km

Enjoyed a run in the sun and melting snow. It felt good to be home in the forest of North American Hemlock.

17 Februar 2018 - 8 km

I did an 8K trail run in the snows of Windsor, Ontario this morning. It was fun. Canadians are a friendly bunch. I started off by going to the park listed on the website. The park was closed. Fortunately there was a lady and her daughter in their minivan there who were also surprised that the park was closed. We both started troubleshooting and she, being a local, knew somebody who knew the new location: Maldin Park.

There was a nice man there who directed me to someone's house by the park where they had race signup in their garage. It was cash only, but they accepted my 20 bucks in lieu of 20 loonies. I took my stuff back to the car and then met a nice woman who'd driven south from another part of Ontario for this race, which was also her first race in Windsor. She usually gets to run on a geological formation referred to as the escarpment, and is an avid trail runner. The race director overheard us chatting and welcomed us to this first race in Windsor and said we'd picked a good one. I was already thinking I should have brought my spikes, but no one else had them.

The race itself focused on the hill that was in the middle of the park. I don't know if it was an esker or a drumlin or what, but it was definitely sedimentary and we went up and down it many times. The Canadians maybe just don't know about spikes, because they fell. A lot. I saw multiple people wipe out multiple times during the race. The young girl from the minivan did a full on splat right in front of me on one sharp turn on the icy road, and afterward she told me there were several more falls for her after that.

The meanest part of the race was when the course took us right by the finish line and then we had another 10 minutes of running after that. I finished in 57:10, which was nearly worse than my 10K time last week in Trondheim! At the finish line there was a bonfire, a keg of a rather strong local IPA, and doughnuts and bagels from Tim Hortons. The locals were excited to talk too. When they discovered I was from Norway they introduced me to the guy from the Netherlands and we compared American and European racing cultures.

14 Februar 2018 - 5 km

8 Februar 2018 - 10 km

Tonight I ran along the banks of the Nidelva in Trondheim: two 5K loops to form the 10K Winter Run. As part of my journey to see as much of Norway as I can I flew up here this morning and discovered that last month Nord-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag merged to form Trøndelag, so I have one less fylk to run in. I've knocked out just over a quarter of them now!

19 January 2018

This week has been mostly covered in snow, but I did manage to get a run in at the start of it and a fjelltur to the top of Løvstakken midweek. Right now it's snowing outside more, so even though I want to run I have trepidations about wet feet and cold air.

9 January 2018 - 5 km

5K run in the Troms&oslahs;-like dark of the morning through the Langeskogen. Then I climbed Ulriken in the snow and ice in the afternoon. That makes 4/7 of Bergen's mountains I've summitted in Winter.

6 January 2018 - 21.1 km - Mørktidsløpet

Alora 5K 38:32
Brittan 5K 40:19
Bradley Half Marathon 2:12:46

28 November 2017 - 4 km

4K run this morning at the AWS re:Invent conference. Took me 19:28 to finish I because I ran hard to beat Phil, which I did. Only three of us from work ended up going.

23 November 2017 - 3.5 km

Today I took my first run out from the blåhus up into the Langeskogen. There was a light rain but it was a comfortable 6 degrees celsius. I've really gotten to the point where I have a pretty good idea what temperatures feel like in celsius. Well, at least between -10 and 20 degrees. Being that we live down on the water it was quite alot uphill at the beginning and downhill to finish. There's a nice gravel loop that connects to a trail I believe I can run a ways around Løvstakken on. If I connect with some roads over in Fyllingsdalen it's around 15.5 km. Similarly, the roads around Nordåsvannet I mapped out to be 17.5 km. I'll probably wait for nicer weather before running that far though. My ears get cold.

20 November 2017

Yesterday Maxwell and I took a 6 or 7 km hike up Løvstakken in the cold sunny afternoon. We turned back before reaching the top though, because we took a more circuitous than necessary route and the sun sets little before 4 PM these days. It was our second evening walk of the week, the earlier being the 4 km or so to the grocery store and back. Otherwise I'm still in marathon recovery mode, but I've started doing yoga again. We have a nice room with a heated tile floor that is perfect for it. We are all finding balance in this new house, in which we will hopefully live for more than a few months.

1 November 2017

Today in Amsterdam I signed up to run the marathon closest to one of Earth's poles next June. Because fuck fatness. I am flying to Atlanta to drive to Hilton Head to run the Savannah marathon. As Randy Pausch once said, the walls are there to keep the OTHER people out.

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