Spitsbergen Training 2018

Because I'm crazy, 2018 will also include a marathon. Not a serious one. Just a destination one. Hopefully I don't get eaten by a polar bear.

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Training Schedule

Week Starting Miles Planned Miles Ran
11/6/2017 5 1
11/13/2017 10 0
11/20/2017 15 2
11/27/2017 15 2 AWS re:Invent 4K
12/4/2017 18 2
12/11/2017 20 0
12/18/2017 20
12/25/2017 20
1/1/2018 20 Tromsø Half Marathon
1/8/2018 20
1/15/2018 20
1/22/2018 21
1/29/2018 22
2/5/2018 23
2/12/2018 24
2/19/2018 25
2/26/2018 26
3/5/2018 27
3/12/2018 28
3/19/2018 29
3/26/2018 30
4/9/2018 32
4/16/2018 34
4/23/2018 36
4/30/2018 38
5/7/2018 40
5/14/2018 15
5/21/2018 9
5/28/2018 31.2 Spitsbergen Marathon

28 November 2017 - 4 km

4K run this morning at the AWS re:Invent conference. Took me 19:28 to finish I because I ran hard to beat Phil, which I did. Only three of us from work ended up going.

23 November 2017 - 3.5 km

Today I took my first run out from the blåhus up into the Langeskogen. There was a light rain but it was a comfortable 6 degrees celsius. I've really gotten to the point where I have a pretty good idea what temperatures feel like in celsius. Well, at least between -10 and 20 degrees. Being that we live down on the water it was quite alot uphill at the beginning and downhill to finish. There's a nice gravel loop that connects to a trail I believe I can run a ways around Løvstakken on. If I connect with some roads over in Fyllingsdalen it's around 15.5 km. Similarly, the roads around Nordåsvannet I mapped out to be 17.5 km. I'll probably wait for nicer weather before running that far though. My ears get cold.

20 November 2017

Yesterday Maxwell and I took a 6 or 7 km hike up Løvstakken in the cold sunny afternoon. We turned back before reaching the top though, because we took a more circuitous than necessary route and the sun sets little before 4 PM these days. It was our second evening walk of the week, the earlier being the 4 km or so to the grocery store and back. Otherwise I'm still in marathon recovery mode, but I've started doing yoga again. We have a nice room with a heated tile floor that is perfect for it. We are all finding balance in this new house, in which we will hopefully live for more than a few months.

1 November 2017

Today in Amsterdam I signed up to run the marathon closest to one of Earth's poles next June. Because fuck fatness. I am flying to Atlanta to drive to Hilton Head to run the Savannah marathon. As Randy Pausch once said, the walls are there to keep the OTHER people out.

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