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March 2018 Life Update

Hello friends

I wanted to write a blog post tonight, but I wasn’t sure what to write about, so I decided to spend some time updating you all on what’s been going on in my life recently.

A lot has gone down in the world and in my life since that last life update I posted at the end of 2017.

To begin with, I’ve moved twice. First, I moved over the summer into an apartment with Brittan and Mimi. Then in January of this year, Storm, my partner, and I finally moved in together. Storm took the big step of deciding to move down to Atlanta and luckily we were able to move into the unit right next door to my old unit where Mimi and Brittan still live. Now they’re our neighbors and we didn’t have to move very far either. I didn’t have to loose the great location that we’d found and I didn’t need to rent a truck either.

Living with Storm is going well so far. I was worried that moving in with my significant other would be really challenging, but it hasn’t been anymore difficult than living multiple states away from each other.

Sadie is still getting used to living without Brittan. She is going to be very sad when Brittan moves to Ohio. Storm and I also adopted a kitten who we named Butterscotch. He is adorable. I have never lived with a cat before, but he is not very different from a puppy. He just has sharper teeth and claws. I was really worried that Sadie would not be able to adjust well to a cat in the house, but the two of them get along pretty well. It only took a week or two before they were comfortable playing together and now they even cuddle! Every now and then Butterscotch will menace Sadie too much, but she is too much of a wimp to stand up for herself, so we just put her in the bedroom. Overall, they get along better than I could have imagined.

Sadie and Butterscotch cuddling.

Also, Butterscotch is beautiful. I have two of the prettiest pets alive.

close-up of Butterscotch's face

Earlier this year, my car got stolen/towed. It’s a whole big thing, but it boiled down to me not having a car for about a month. However, I sorted most of it out and got my car back in good shape last week, so we went up to Amicalola Falls State Park with Storm and Sadie. It’s a beautiful state park only an hour and a half north of Atlanta. It’s also the beginning of the Appalachian trail and has lots of hiking options: some of which are relatively accessible for disable people. Brittan and I have been to the park a million times, but Sadie and Storm had never been. Both of them enjoyed it immensely. Sadie just loves hiking in general, like most dogs. She got to smell so many new smells and she survived the terrifying stairs of doom! (All the stairs up the waterfall are wrought iron.)

Also, Brittan nicely took cute, romantic photos of Storm and me with the waterfall.

Storm and I kissing with the waterfall behind us.

That’s pretty much all the major news of the last few months. Of course, a million things happened in 2017 that I’m leaving out, but whatever. If I wrote everything down, this blog post would never end.

Tell me about your life these first few months of 2018 in the comments or on Twitter. I’d love to know what you’ve been up to.

Enjoy life!


Hellooo. It’s me….

Brittan, Emma and I cuddling

Me, Emma, and Brittan cuddling on the air mattress while we were all at Christmas in Nashville. (Pic courtesy of Brittan.)

Hello and welcome to the return of Alora’s blogging.

It’s only been two months since I posted. Although, a lot has happened in the world that you probably already know about and if you don’t this blog isn’t for news anyway. Well, sometimes I share important news-related things, but this is not one of those times. This blog is going to be a what’s on my mind / how I’ve been doing blog through and through.

First up, happy holidays. I had a wonderful family Christmas will the nuclear fam and the gf. It is the first Christmas I’ve ever had with pretty much all my favorite people in one place. (Not including my extended family. I love you all too.) It was a small Christmas, but I really enjoyed it. It was really wonderful to be able to interact with my parents and siblings and also Emma (the gf). The fam has only had a little bit of time to get to know Emma in the past, so I think this weekend was good for all of them even if it was more than a little stressful at times.

Brittan, Emma, and I drove up to Nashville on Thursday and then back again on Monday, so it was four and a half days of seven people in a two bedroom apartment. The spirit of Christmas kept things fun though. I had fun anyway. I got to cuddle all my peoples and we hung out and watched some movies and played some games. I cuddled my puppy. It was a solid weekend of family fun and insanity.

This week is a three day work week because we had Monday off and also Friday off, for New Year’s Eve. Most of the office is out on PTO, so it is just a handful of us in this week and the work itself has been quite slow. You’d think there would be less distractions with fewer people, but actually it just means the people here have less reason to be quiet. It’s been kinda great though. I really do love all the people in my office and working with them is just a blast.

On a grander scale of things, since my last blog, I have attempted NaNoWriMo, gotten a car, spent Thanksgiving in Virginia Beach with Emma’s family, and seriously, seriously considered getting a dog. I’ve also missed writing these blogs and just itching to put more words out to the internet. I think I’m going to spend some time this week to put together a set of actionable New Year’s resolutions that I can potentionally succeed at relatively easily. You can bet that one of them will be to blog more. (I also want to make this blog better on the backend, but we’ll see if that happens.)

In actual news, Carrie Fisher died yesterday and I am quiet sad about it. I wasn’t going to mention it because it’s not actually a part of my life, but I want this blog to be more useful to future me, when looking back at who I was at the tail end of 2016. So this is me, sad about celebrity death for a woman I never will meet, but who positively affected my life in many ways. She definitely will continue to affect my life, especially after I get around to purchasing and reading her book. That’s another thing I want to do in 2016: read more books.

Final tidbit I shall leave you with is that I have been listening to John and Hank Green’s podcast, Dear Hank and John, recently and I quite enjoy it. I seriously recommend you check it out. I also watched a wonderful video by Rowan Ellis earlier today about ethical consumerism and how to continue the push for that when it comes to human slavery as well as animal testing. It’s only ten minutes long, and you should really take the time to watch it. She put together a wonderfully compelling and informative video. I just found her channel today and I’m very excited to check out what else she has and will post.

Alright, I will stop rambling for now. Thank you for reading, share this around if you want and please comment below with your favorite christmas gift from this year!

Till next week,


19 Things in 19 Years

My friends and I at me and Brittan's 5th birthday party.

Hello friends,

Today is my birthday! Many years ago I had a birthday party with cupcakes, specifically baked for smooshing into my friends faces. That’s what happened in the picture. It was definitely, the best birthday party, I’ve ever had.

I, along with my twin sister Brittan, turned 19 today. I thought it would be fun to follow the trend and make a list article of nineteen things I’ve learned in the years leading up to this moment.

  1. It’s okay to not be friends with people that are making you unhappy or you don’t like hanging out with. You are not required to be friends with everyone.
  2. Never get your hair thinned. It only makes the frizzing worse.
  3. It’s okay to change your mind about something even if you were very adamant about your original opinion.
  4. Reading a book will make you feel better.
  5. There is actually a way to clip your toenails without giving yourself ingrown nails.
  6. I am not good at cleaning up after myself.
  7. High heels are amazing.
  8. Apparently, my boobs are not done growing yet.
  9. There is no reason not to take a risk when it comes to hairstyles because it always grows back.
  10. Everyone around including your siblings, parents, friends and extended family are all their own person living their own life that is just as complex and important as yours.
  11. Wolves are some of the coolest animals in the world.
  12. All of your opinions are colored by you privileges and experiences.
  13. Living alone is difficult, but doable. So long as you go outside almost every day.
  14. Onsies never go out of style.
  15. You don’t really need that random trinket from when you were seven that has little to no significance.
  16. You can write fifty thousand words in a month while working full time (Still not sure how I managed this for Camp NaNoWriMo 2013).
  17. Good content should be determined by how proud you are of it, not how many clicks it gets.
  18. The newest Vlogbrothers video may be long or heavy, but it’s still worth a watch.
  19. Journaling usually makes you feel better, especially if you can keep up with it for an extended period of time.

Some important life lessons. Some silly facts about me. All of it adds up to me: a person who is has now been on this world for 19 years. How wild is that?

Until next time,

– Alora

The Struggles of Living Alone

Alternate title: The Struggle of Cleaning Your Own Apartment

Alternate Alternate title: The Joys of Paying your Own Bills

Hello friends!

So, I have been moved out for over a month now, (The video above chronicles my move to my apartment, if you want to watch it.) and it’s about time for a blog complaining and rejoicing my experience so far with living alone. To be fair, I have lived alone before. I spent two separate semesters without a roommate in college, but I always had a friend across the hall. Not so much anymore.

My feelings about living alone are constantly going up and down. Late a night, I usually don’t like it so much. I get tired and sometimes lonely. Whodda thought that living alone was lonely?? Hehe.

Anyways, I usually really like it. After living with five other people not including pets for most of my life, it’s nice to have some peace and quiet. The best part of living alone is being able to keep whatever schedule I want. I don’t even mean staying up late. I mean being able to come home and make dinner and then spend the entire night writing or reading. I don’t have to hang out with anyone. I do miss the constant hanging out sometimes, but it’s nice to have some quiet.

Having to clean everything myself though. That is a struggle. If you ever visited my room at school, you know I wasn’t the best at keeping it clean. It’s even harder, yet more necessary, to keep my apartment clean. The worst is the dishes. I’m not very good at washing my dishes immediately, but I don’t have enough to let them sit around either. I am constantly making new dirty dishes and having to wash the old ones, so I have something to eat off of/with. The spoons get the worst of it. I only have a few of them. I know this sounds silly, but I never realized how many dishes I make before. At home, we switch off chores, so I’m not usually stuck doing the dishes of six people for more than a month. Now, I’m doing the dishes of myself while also having to clean the floor, make dinner, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, work full time and pay the bills. It’s a bit nerve wracking.

Speaking of bills, I paid my first internet bill tonight. I’ve been paying my own phone bill since March, but now I have to pay all of my other bills too and the rent. It gets really stressful really quickly. I no longer just have a job to have a job. I have a job to pay the bills and the rent and to buy food. I have to plan ahead with my money, so I know I’ll have enough at the end of the month when the major bills roll around. It’s stressful, but also kinda nice. Sometimes, I actually enjoy making my own decisions. Since moving out, I have a lot more power over my life. My independence is at once a joy and a source of stress. Although, I guess that’s what being an adult is about.

When I titled this blog, and when I started writing it, I was planning on doing a lot of complaining. I guess I have, but I don’t feel like complaining so much anymore. This is what other adults do too, so I know I can do it. I only have me to worry about. I don’t have to feed a kid or a pet. I may have lots of new worries and stressors, but only for me. Someday, I’ll have my own family, but right now, I think I should relish the silence of living alone. Or at least try a little harder to relish it.

How are your living situtations doing? Does anyone feel my pain on keeping the dishes together?

Until next week,



Panorama picture of my art wall

Hello my good friends.

Today we are going to talk about decorations. I have lived in my apartment for almost a month now, but it is only recently starting to feel like home. One of the reasons why is because I finally hung up my decorations. Now, this may not be true for everyone, but for me, I need decorations. My room in my parents house and at college was always chock full of stuff and well decorated. I do not leave patches of wall lying around. I put things on them!

I have some paintings. Nothing framed because that’s expensive. But I do have watercolor paintings of mine that I did during watercolor class a few years back. I have hung my favorites of those up. I also have some paintings that Brittan did which I’ve hung up and I have some other paintings as well. I really like my paintings because they soften the sharp lines and bright colors of my posters, since most of them are watercolors.

I have been collecting posters since forever. I have about ten which may not sound like a lot, but they can fill up an apartment nicely. My posters are where most of my nerdy attributes are plastered. I have a Star Trek poster that I just got from Mom and Dad. I also have a Doctor Who one, a Minecraft one, Jurassic World, etc. You get the picture. I have lots of nerdy posters.

The biggest piece of my decorations is my art wall. This consists of art prints, postcards, colored pages, a piece of embroidery. Anything that is art, that it smallish, and I can hang up goes on the art wall. My current art wall set up is above/behind my desk. It is the picture at the top of this blog. I am very proud of this art wall set up and looking at it makes me so happy. All of the art that my friends have done and postcards from my trip to London are quite inspiring to look at.

The last section of my decor is just miscellaneous stuff. I have some plaques and medals. I have a pennant from school. By far the best thing in this category is my key chains. I have been collecting key chains from the places I go since elementary school, I think. I have traveled a lot, so there are a lot of them. For years my key chains were all on a single lanyard hung on the wall. You couldn’t really see any of them or look at them, but they were all together and hung up. Junior year, I finally improved this system and hung my key chains on a length of embroidery floss. Now, they all hang spread out over the big windows in my family room.

If you ask any of my friends, they will all agree that I am very materialistic. I like my things. One of my things that I like is my decorations. After I hung up my posters and paintings and art wall and key chains, my apartment finally felt like mine and not just some place holding my things where I slept at night. Moving out is really weird. Sometimes I really enjoy the privacy and the quiet. Other times those same things are just lonely and sad. Putting up all of my decorations has decreased the lonely and sad parts of moving out. This is my home now. This apartment is where I live with my things and my family and friends come to visit or I can visit them.

It’s weird to think about having a home where my parents and siblings don’t live, but I am slowly accepting it as my apartment feels more and more like my own.

That’s all for this week!

If you want to see more of me, I will be posting a video on my YouTube channel tomorrow and Brittan and I have revived WogsVlogs. She is doing VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) while she travels Europe.

Thanks for reading. 😀

Much love,


A Weekend In Virginia Beach

Emma and I taking a selfie after we walked down to 7-eleven.

Hello my friends,

I spent the last weekend, from Friday till Tuesday, in Virginia Beach with Emma. I got to meet and hang out with her family and we went to the beach. I got to see the place where she grew up and spent most of her life, actually. For me, it was weird because I don’t have one place where I spent most of my life. I have some places in Lincoln. I have Knoxville, Atlanta, Nashville, and California. I’ve lived so many places and visited so many others that it is impossible for one place to sum up most of my life, but for Emma that is Virginia Beach. I am over simplifying for effect because she lived in northern Virginia for a time and some of her family lives out of state, but compared to me, I sometimes feel like her whole childhood can be summed up by Virginia Beach which is really different from my childhood.

While in Virginia Beach, we went to the beach, obviously.

Emma showed me around the park by her house which was cool because it is right on the water.

We also went to quintessential Virginia Beach/Norfolk things like Dumar’s restaurant which was actually where they invented the waffle cone. They are basically like Sonic, but better because they aren’t a chain. It was cool and also pretty yummy. Though be warned, Emma may kill me for not saying they were the best place ever. 😛

I had lots of fun this weekend hanging out, exploring a new area, and meeting new people. Also, Emma’s dogs are really freaking cute! That was a major plus. I got puppy snuggles!!

In other news, Mayterm has started, so I am going to be spending the next two weeks learning all about Queen Elizabeth I which is exciting. Except for the fact that I have miles of reading assigned for everyday that is due the next day because we have class every day. Urgh. I do plan on getting that schedule and goals stuff together like I mentioned in my last blog, but I had a busy weekend. I will get to that probably sometime tomorrow.

Well, thank you for listening. If you want to see more pictures from my trip, I made an album on the family shutterfly over here.

Talk to you later my dudes,


Growing Up is Weird

So this post is inspired by Carrie Fletcher’s video “My Past Selves.” It’s embedded above and I recommend you watch it before reading this, but this should still make sense without it if you don’t wanna.

In Carrie’s video she talks about how she tries to live for her past selves and she talks about suddenly realizing that you have grown up. (Technically Dodie talked about that in her video which inspired Carrie’s, but Carrie mentions it. This is a bit of a crazy chain of content.) Suddenly, you realize one day that you aren’t the person you used to be. I don’t think about my past selves in the way that either Dodie or Carrie do. I, honestly, don’t think about my past selves much. My memories make me as a person, but I don’t think about past me as a different person.

Because I skipped high school, I’ve been thrown four years into the future and now I’m at a similar life stage to Carrie and Dodie, but I am not their age at all. I’m still a self-centered teenager. I’m only 17 and I still am wracked by crazy teenage hormones that are increasingly frustrating. I will be 22 at some point (I’m pretty sure Carrie and Dodie are either 21 or 22 , but I’m not sure. Sorry, girls, if I’m wrong), but I’m still 17 right now and I don’t have the same perspective as them, but I do have my own unique one. 😛

As you know, if you’ve been keeping up with me lately, I spent this past weekend at the beach with my family. I’m home now, but I got to spend a nice weekend with my family. My grandmother, bless her, said, before we left, that I’d “grown up while she wasn’t looking.” I didn’t want her to cry, or I’d cry, so I was a bit rude, well cheeky is probably a better word. If it makes her feel any better, I, myself, grew up without noticing either. I’m not totally grown up and I never will be, but I’m still pretty big. I can’t hide under the kitchen sink anymore. I can always reach the top shelf. I’m no longer completely and utterly terrified by the idea of sex. That was a big deal in middle school. I have boobs that don’t hurt a shitton when I run into something. I’m probably done growing, sadly. I’m stuck in the darkness of teenagerness, but I have to worry about adult things like going to work and applying to grad school. I have to pay for gas and I have an income. I’ve paid taxes three years in a row now. It’s scary. I suddenly stopped being a little kid that didn’t know not to do the monkey bars in gloves and now I’m graduating from college in the spring, at eighteen.

After that, I can do whatever I want. I’ll be an adult, with a bachelor’s degree and ready to conquer the world. I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately because of the massive number of opportunities I can choose from. It’s hard to prioritize the entire world. I know that I can do literally anything I want and honestly that’s making it hard to choose. However, I’ve realized that I don’t have to choose right now.

Instead of looking up at the huge number of stars in the sky, I need to focus on the rungs of my ladder. I can easily choose which ladder to climb: the one that makes me the happiest. I’m not just going to hope this takes me to the star I want, but I can’t focus on the stars right now. I need to focus on making it through each day. I can look forward later. Hopefully, this doesn’t backfire. I’m only 17. I’ve got time.

Maybe that’s what growing up is. Climbing the ladder one rung at a time. Hoping the entire time that when you look up, you’ll be somewhere good. Looking up or looking down for too long is dangerous, but if you keep on climbing, maybe you’ll make it. Somewhere. That sounds entirely too nerve wracking. Carrie, Dodie, how did you do it?

I guess climbing the ladder is what I’ve been doing these past seventeen years and I only just noticed it was there. The title of this blog is something Carrie says in her video and I agree. Growing up is weird. It something that happens incrementally until you realize it happened. Or you watch successful YouTubers realize it happened to them (I’m looking at you Carrie and Dodie) and then wonder when it will happen to you. I know roughly when that day will come. Probably a little over four years from now in 2019. That’s when I’ll be about their age. But then again. I don’t know. I could grow up faster then them.

Growing up is weird and scary, but it’s nice to see people who seem to have made it. Not just my parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins, but strangers who I’m half friends with because I watch their videos and read their great books about the “Teen Age.” Thanks for that one Carrie. If you’re reading this, thank you for everything you’ve produced so far and will continue to produce. I can say without a doubt, that you are helping me through my “Teen Age.”

I only have two and a half years before I turn twenty and I’m out of this crazy time, hopefully. That seems like forever and the blink of an eye at the same time. I don’t know how to exist as not a teenager. I don’t know how to do this thing you call being an adult. I’d like to stay a teenager forever. (Here’s a good video explaining why this is a bad idea.) I know I can’t, shouldn’t and won’t, but all those stars are scary. I guess I just have to remember to keep my eyes on the rungs.

I’ll watch the rungs and hope that if I just hold tight enough, I’ll make it out of here alive.

– Alora

New Year’s/Summer Goals Update

There is a pretty long list of goals that I have shared with the internet. June is ending which means we are over half way through 2015 and I though I’d give y’all an update on my New Year’s Resolutions. I posted a video with my sister listing them on December 31st of last year which you can watch here if you want. I’ve also included an update on my summer goals that I blogged about a while back. This is going to be embarrasing…

Year-long Goals:

  • Produce a Webseries

    I have many different ideas for webseries, but I haven’t put the time or effort into creating one. I have the ideas, but I haven’t scripted anything or even filmed anything. Maybe I’ll do something in the fall. Maybe it won’t happen this year. I don’t know, man.

  • Stop Yelling So much

    This one I can gladly report some progress on. As a loud, talkative person, with large lungs, I have issues with volume, but I like to think I’ve gotten better at controlling it. I don’t know if my friends and family agree, but I think I’ve gotten better.

  • Visit London Youtube Space

    I wanted to visit the London YouTube Space when I was in the UK for to weeks, but I completely forgot while I was actually there. I visited so many museums and historical sites, but not the London YouTube Space. I don’t think I’m going back to the UK, in the rest of this year, so unless something magical happens, I won’t be going here this year. Maybe I can go to one of the YouTube Spaces in the US.

  • Go to an REU

    So I applied to a bunch of REU’s because this is my last possible summer to get into any, but I was rejected from all of them, sadly. But now I get to spend the summer making pizza’s instead of doing mathematical research. :(

  • Read 50 books

    This one I’m not doing so hot on. I’ve been trying very hard to catch up, but I’ve only read 5 books this month which is just barely over the number I’d need to read if I was on track with the challenge. I’ve read ten books in total. Very sad.

  • Write 200,000 words

    Oh look, another goal I am doing horrible on. In my video I said this was going to be easy, but I was very, very wrong. My year long word count is currently 30,241 which leaves another 169,759 for the writing.

  • Get 4.0 in the Spring of junior year and Fall of senior year.

    I got a 3.68 last semester. My career GPA is 3.9362. I don’t know how well fall semester of senior year is going to go. I have to start my thesis.

Summer Goals:

  • Catch up on 50 book challenge

    I have not being doing too well on this one as I mentioned above.

  • Write everyday

    This has not happened. I have been blogging a couple of days a week which kinda counts, but I’ve only worked on Complete Immersion the once when I posted the blog post on revision. I haven’t worked on it since then because I still don’t have a nice area to myself to work. My mom tried to set up a desk area for me, but I haven’t cleaned it up enough to use it yet.

  • Finish Complete Immersion

    I’m hoping to get this one done. I haven’t worked on it much, but Camp NaNoWriMo is fast approaching and I really need that motivation.

  • Catch up on word count goal

    So far this month, I have been doing pretty well, compared to the last months I’ve been writing. I’ve written 9,516 words this month which is only 7,151 off of the goal for the month, and honestly, if I put the time in, I could write seven thousand words in four days, but I don’t think I’ll be able to put the time in because I’m at the beach with my family right now.

  • Keep up with this blog

    I’ve been doing well on this goal. I haven’t gone a single week without posting since I started. I’ve gone five days without posting, but not a week, which is a great accomplishment for me.

I am looking forward to spending the rest of my weekend at the beach with my family and I will post a review of I Am Not a Slut by Leora Tanenbaum soon. How are your New Year’s Resolutions or current goals going? Mine aren’t going too well, but I’ll pick it up. Maybe.


I finally have my own Magic: The Gathering deck!

A game of Magic: The Gathering

Hello guys.

I’ve been trying to write a blog everyday, but, as is patently obvious, that hasn’t happened. My aunt is in town right now and she is staying with us and just making the whole house more distracting then ever. But I am glad she is here. I hadn’t seen her in forever and now I’ve been able to spend a few days with her. We (Britt, Mom, Jaime (the aunt), Maxwell, Zara and I) went to Target on Friday after Brittan and I got of off work. I got an awesome leather jacket that was on sale; a super cute sundress; three, dollar-section, fourth-of-July bowls; and the 2015 core Magic: The Gathering set. From that set and the 45 or so cards I already had, I’ve created four different decks which means all four kids can play Magic together. I made a deck that uses red and white mana with mostly flying creatures and like five or six different dragons. I also made a water and plains deck (blue and white) and a tri-color deck with black, red and blue mana. The tri-color deck is kind of a minotaur deck, but really I was just trying to eke another deck out of the cards I had, so that all four of us could play. The fourth deck was actually put together by Maxwell because he was the first kid I taught how to play (Brittan already knows how). He named his deck the Pirate Groots. It is a swamp and forest deck with an elemental in it whose art looks like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. He decided the swamp mana symbol looks like a pirate skull. Hence the name “Pirate Groot.” It’s a pretty good deck and he read and examined every card he put into his deck whereas I just grabbed cards that looked cool and shoved them together. In my defense, I have won every duel the two of us have played.

Yesterday morning, before Brittan and I went to work, we had some extra time, so I taught Zara how to play and we tried to knock out a four-person game in under an hour. This did not happen at all. Every single one of us still had 15 or more health. It was a slow going game, but it was fun to play with all my siblings. I learned how to play in 2013 and I won the 45 cards and 100 card sleeves that I started with in a Magic tournament that my gaming club on campus hosted. That’s also where I learned how to play.

I joined the club, Gamers’ Guild, because I wanted to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons. That was the first major role playing game I learned. I’ve since tried to convince my family to play, but it didn’t really stick. Unlike Dungeons and Dragons though, Magic: The Gathering is much simpler and Maxwell and Zara enjoy playing it much more. Also, since my freshman year of college I’ve convinced my family to buy new tabletop games and we play those a bunch too. We have Munchkin, Forbidden Island, Settlers of Catan and a bunch of others.

Gamers’ Guild and the YouTube channel Geek and Sundry were the big influences that have made me a fully fledged tabletop gamer. I’m not much of a video game nerd, but I do play them sometimes. I’ve really grown into the nerd community, especially since my freshman year of college. That was three years ago and I have become one of the biggest nerds to ever nerd. It’s great. I really love the different online communities built around a love of a specific thing. I started this post just wanting to fill people in about my new Magic decks, but I’ve managed to wax poetic about my ascent into nerdom. Figures.

Now, before I finish this post up I want to point out the widget on the right entitled “Currently…”. I created it to showcase the things I am currently doing. What I’m listening to, reading, writing, etc. If you have any ideas of what else to put in there let me know and I’ll add it. Right now the Currently Reading is a bit behind. I forgot to update the widget after I finished The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer, and I want Seraphina by Rachel Hartman to receive as much screen time because it is an amazing book. That said, I finished it this morning and then went to Barnes and Noble to buy the sequel which I am excited to read after I finish All I Know Now by Carrie Fletcher. I bought it while I was in London this past May. It’s not actually out in the states yet, and I am looking forward to reading it.

I’m waiting to start the sequel to Seraphina because I’ve decided to read a fiction book and then read a non-fiction book. I’ve picked up this pattern for my super summer of reading because I have a lot of non-fiction books that have been on my shelf for years and I just haven’t read them yet due to fiction books that I’ve perceived as more interesting. I’m hoping this pattern will get me through a lot of them this summer though. Expect a lot more book reviews. My review of Seraphina should be out later tonight or tomorrow.

Until then, play more games.


A Day Spent on Minecraft

pic of Maxwell, Brittan, and I playing Minecraft
Good day to you.
Today, I spent most of the day playing Minecraft with my siblings. We have a world that we all play on together and the goal is to beat the game this summer. We’ve made quite a bit of progress. We have a ton of diamonds, emeralds, iron, and other resources. We have a portal to the Nether and we have found a nether fortress. The “goal” of the game is to defeat the Wither and then defeat the Ender Dragon. We are pretty close to defeating the Wither. Well, to building the Wither. Also, we almost found the portal to the End where the Ender Dragon lives. We have a huge house with a barn for animals and a farm. It’s a fun world. The four of us have spent a lot of time on it: mining, farming and building. I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished. Though it is kind of what I did all day.
Minecraft is a fun game. It is a a simple sandbox game where you can build so much and it is really easy to play with family. I’m not quite sure what else to say. I don’t want to bore people and my day also wasn’t super productive.
Brittan and I did go out before we started playing. We went to the bank and then we went to Target! I got a fancy adventure watch. I can’t use my phone to tell the time while I’m working because it’s unprofessional and there isn’t a clock nearby, but I now have a watch and I can keep track of the time. It’ll help me tonight. Brittan and I are going in to work soon and we’re working until closing. It’s going to be rough.
I’m hoping to finish The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer tomorrow and then I’ll post a review of it here. I haven’t written anything besides this today. My goals are going to be harder to keep than I thought. Maybe I’ll have a chance to write after I get home from work, but I doubt it.

Have a good evening everyone.
(The picture is of Brittan, Maxwell, and I playing Minecraft.)