About Me

Me laying on the couch outside

Hello friend!

I’m Alora and this is my little corner of the internet you’ve wandered into. Welcome.

I recently graduated from college and got a job in the big city. I post blogs here about weekly. I also post videos on my youtube channels. I have two: my personal channel, alorabora, and my collaboration channel with my twin sister, WogsVlogs. I also have a twitter that I’m pretty active on.

Please look around and hit me up if you have any questions or comments or anything. I’m always open to making new friends.

As for what I do with my life outside of the internet, I like to write. I write books and poetry. Nothing published on the book front yet, but I do have a poem that’s been published. I am also a data geek. I currently work as analyst and I am just obsessed with data and data analysis. Short story? I’m a math nerd with a penchant for creative writing.

It’s very nice to meet you.

Now, shoo. This isn’t even the main content of my blog.

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  1. Brad the Dad

    Whatevs – content is already awesome!


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