Official Timeline for Ahlam Warsi: Private Detective

My hand at the computer, ready to write.

It’s writing update time!!!!!

I’ve settled into my new apartment and gotten back into the swing of writing. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have started working on Ahlam Warsi: Private Detective. This book will follow the story of Ahlam Warsi’s first year living in London after she moves to the big city for her new job at a private investigation firm. I started it a year ago while I was studying abroad in London. I wrote the first two chapters and it has been sitting still since then. But no longer!

To encourage myself to write, I have set up a timeline. It is a tentative because I have no idea how long the revision and editing process will actually take. However, I’m hopeful that I can stick with it. I’ve already been able to keep up with a relatively daily writing schedule and that schedule puts me on track to, at the very least, finish my rough draft on time.

  • September 30th

    — Finish the first draft
    — Start researching for revisions / writing break

  • October 17th

    — Start revisions
    — Open call for beta readers

  • January 2nd

    — Distribute draft to beta readers
    — Continue revisions

  • April 30th

    — Finish query letter

  • May 1st

    — Finalize draft
    — Begin submissions

Any suggestions or comments on my timeline are welcome. I have never fully finished a book for publication before, so my times could be all off. That’s part of what makes this an adventure!

Until next time!

– Alora

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