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Let’s Talk About Orlando.

Gif with many different pride flags
Gif from sammiieus

We need to talk

If you haven’t heard, this past Sunday, 49 people were killed at a club in Orlando, Florida. Many others were injured. Do you know why those 49 people were murdered? Because they were at an LGBT bar called Pulse. This shooting marks the largest mass shooting in US history and it was a hate crime against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and every other non-straight or cisgender person. Also, the shooting occurred during Latin night at the club, so the crime has racial tones as well. It was a horrendous tragedy.

We cannot let their murders go unavenged. Forty-nine people died.


That is unacceptable.

The following is a poem I wrote after I found out about this tragedy. Below that is a list of links. The links are direct links to more information, action centers, and some videos. The most important thing to do in the wake of this tragedy is to mourn.

Then, we must make sure it never happens again. With discriminatory laws in many states and low gun regulation, we have a long way to go, but we can make it.

Enjoy my poem.

How do you even begin to honor the dead?
How do you honor a life cut short by useless violence?
I cannot understand.
I am too angry.
Too sad.
Too long have we been oppressed and attacked.
We must fight.
I will fight.
Because without equality,
There is nothing.
Without equality,
There will never be peace.


Thank you for reading. Stay safe and please help out. Comment below if you want to talk. I am here for you, if you need me. We can mourn together.

With so much love,


I Love My Bullet Journal

My bullet journal day one

Hey guys,

This past Sunday, I set up my bullet journal. My sister, Brittan set one up the day before and two of my favorite YouTubers recently mentioned that they are also doing bullet journals. Last semester, my roommate tried to do one, but it didn’t work for her. Now that I am out of school, I no longer have a school planner, so I thought I’d look into it.

I read almost ten blog posts including the official bullet journal website before setting mine up. To be quite honest, I did not like the official bullet journal set up. I had trouble understanding how to set up the journal and the whole thing seemed pretentious and not in a good way. My favorite blog post that really helped me figure out how to set up my journal was a post on The Lazy Genius Collective. I based most of my set up off of that blog post. The author explains their set up really well and shows great pictures. Also, I love their signifiers, so I adopted those too.

As of now, I have been using my bullet journal for three days and I am in love. Googling “bullet journal” pulls up all of these really fancy, well-decorated journals. The main takeaway I got from the Lazy Genius Collective post was that simpler is better, at least at first. The author stressed that trying to keep up a fancy bullet journal isn’t for everyone and it is important to remember that as long as your bullet journal works for you then it is a good journal. It doesn’t matter how fancy your journal is. That’s why my journal is in simple black pen. The journal itself is a random free journal with an elastic that I found in my house. The lines are too wide and the pages are kinda weird, but it works for a starter journal. I am using it to get the hang of bullet journaling.

When I was in school, I used my school planner in much the same way I now use my bullet journal. That is why I’m loving my bullet journal so much. It’s also good for extra notes that you need to take on things: shopping lists, meeting notes, anything. The bullet journal is so versatile that I can use it for anything and I can modify the system to suit me the best way possible. I am super happy with it. If you guys think this sounds good for you let me know. We can be journal buddies!

I’m excited to keep using my journal throughout the year and see how I keep up with it. Maybe I’ll do another blog post about it in the future.

Talk to you next week!


So, I graduated from college.

My friends and I walking down the steps by our old dorm in our graduation robes.

Hey guys,

I’ve been busy the past couple weeks with graduation and then coming home. But I am here today and that is what counts. I am currently supposed to be job hunting, but I figured while I was being productive, I’d write a blog post. Graduation was super fun. Well, in the fact that I got my diploma. The ceremony itself was way too religious, cold, mildly rainy, and equipped with the worst commencement speaker I have ever heard.

The poor woman tried to cram every bit of advice she had ever heard into one speech while also trying to sell us her hand-painted wine glasses. At one point she tried to make a joke about Mary Baldwin women having nice legs and it really flopped. Nobody laughed. I felt a little bad for her. After her speech she was walking around talking to people and I don’t think she realized how much she messed up. If she did, she did a wonderful job of hiding it. None of my friends or family liked her speech. It was painful to listen to.

Brittan and I both in our graduation robes. Together at MBC.

When her speech finally ended, everyone got their diplomas. Mary Baldwin is a pretty small school, so we don’t have any fancy tech for getting everyone in order. Instead we have class marshals. One of which was me. I got to sit at the front of the line instead of at the back with the rest of the W’s, but I also got to help the graduates get their diplomas. While the dean called everyone’s names I checked with the next person in line to see if they were in the right order and then had to nod to the dean if someone was absent at which point she would add in absentia after their name. It was a tad nervewracking, but mainly, I was just cold. I spent a good portion of the 200-some graduates shivering as I directed them. It wasn’t bad though because I got to hug my friends before they got their diplomas and I didn’t have to sit and wait at the end of the ceremony because the class marshals walk out first. Also, I got to wear a gold epaulet on my shoulder to signify my office. It went well with my Omicron Delta Epsilon economics honors society cords and my Lavender graduation pin. I also got to wear a gold tassel because I was a Global Honors Scholar.

The graduation ceremony was long, but at the end I got to walk across the terrace and get my roll of paper from Dr. Fox. (We picked up our diplomas elsewhere.) This being right after the dean called my name with the highest Latin GPA honors. I really enjoyed all of commencement weekend. It was nice to be honored by the college I’ve been attending for four years. I worked hard and they honored me nicely. Also, unlike other schools, MBC has a bunch of different events to honor different subsets of graduates. I went to Lavender Graduation, the VWIL Change of Command Parade, and the PEG Reception. It was fun.

The squad pushing Brittan away because she left us.

I’m really going to miss Mary Baldwin. For all its faults, I really enjoyed my time there and all of the friends that I made. I look forward to the next chapter, but I’m going to miss the last one. I’ve been feeling down these past couple of weeks since graduation. Moving on from a four year chapter of your life is hard, but I’m moving on to bigger and better things. I got this. 😀

Squad pose

I hope you all are doing well.

Much love,