Monthly Archive: April 2016

A Weekend In Virginia Beach

Emma and I taking a selfie after we walked down to 7-eleven.

Hello my friends,

I spent the last weekend, from Friday till Tuesday, in Virginia Beach with Emma. I got to meet and hang out with her family and we went to the beach. I got to see the place where she grew up and spent most of her life, actually. For me, it was weird because I don’t have one place where I spent most of my life. I have some places in Lincoln. I have Knoxville, Atlanta, Nashville, and California. I’ve lived so many places and visited so many others that it is impossible for one place to sum up most of my life, but for Emma that is Virginia Beach. I am over simplifying for effect because she lived in northern Virginia for a time and some of her family lives out of state, but compared to me, I sometimes feel like her whole childhood can be summed up by Virginia Beach which is really different from my childhood.

While in Virginia Beach, we went to the beach, obviously.

Emma showed me around the park by her house which was cool because it is right on the water.

We also went to quintessential Virginia Beach/Norfolk things like Dumar’s restaurant which was actually where they invented the waffle cone. They are basically like Sonic, but better because they aren’t a chain. It was cool and also pretty yummy. Though be warned, Emma may kill me for not saying they were the best place ever. 😛

I had lots of fun this weekend hanging out, exploring a new area, and meeting new people. Also, Emma’s dogs are really freaking cute! That was a major plus. I got puppy snuggles!!

In other news, Mayterm has started, so I am going to be spending the next two weeks learning all about Queen Elizabeth I which is exciting. Except for the fact that I have miles of reading assigned for everyday that is due the next day because we have class every day. Urgh. I do plan on getting that schedule and goals stuff together like I mentioned in my last blog, but I had a busy weekend. I will get to that probably sometime tomorrow.

Well, thank you for listening. If you want to see more pictures from my trip, I made an album on the family shutterfly over here.

Talk to you later my dudes,


School is Over. Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

My foot in the grass to remind people of summer. I took this picture at band practice last week.

Hello friends,

It’s Alora. I’m back! Now that I am nearly done with school, I have finished most of my projects and am super ready for summer. I’m also ready to get back into the swing of blogging and posting videos and just all around being more active online now that I have some actual free time. I’m also going to start working on that job hunt soon.

This week is my last finals week of undergrad and then I have a three week mini-semester before graduation!! I’m graduating from undergrad and then headed into the job market. The last three weeks have been really rough because I have had so much to do. This week, I took six finals along with a take-home final that I turned in about an hour ago. I only have one last class during the mini May semester and it is going to be all about Queen Elizabeth the First. I am very excited.

As for this blog and my YouTube channel we’ll see how that goes. In the next few days(ish) I am planning on creating my goal list for the future including short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. I am also going to be setting up a regular schedule of blog posts and YouTube videos. My blog content is going to be similar to what it has been in the past, meaning lots of book reviews, video responses and hopefully some more stuff about writing. For both my blog and my videos, I have a backlog of ideas and thoughts that I would like to get out there, so I may post extra things outside of my schedule for a little while to get caught up. I really enjoy posting, so I hope to stay in the swing of it longer now that I am not going to be constantly distracted by school. Not that I am really complaining, college was great and I am going to miss it. However, I am looking forward to a little more free time to pursue my hobbies.

If you have any ideas for future blog posts or just want to chat you can hit me up in the comments or just tweet me @alorabora

Talk to you soon,

Alora :)